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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Right I’ve downloaded every format I had there and the 2 new versions - and bought every physical version there is.

    I can’t do any more!
  2. It does for me too, but that wasn't in my 'purchased downloads' so I didn't think it would count. I've done it from there now anyway - thanks
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  3. And they must be a few Chalky sales not shipped yet.
    So fingers crossed.
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  4. I had purchased the Morning After edition and have just caved in and bought the Afterparty as well. It still gave me the discount even though I had already used it yesterday, so yay.

    It also turns out there was an issue with payment since my card expired last month but Townsend never contacted me about it. I managed to solve it yesterday but they still haven't shipped my bundle, so if they hurry, that should be a further 3 copies.
  5. W2K


    Well if the Manics win by 3 copies then we know who to blame x

    (before anyone calls me a Karen again, I am only joking)
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  6. HMV are running thus but a bit late for it to apply this week. Competition ends 20 Sept.

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  7. The vinyls have now been dispatched
  8. MB


    As have my 'crash records' CD's.
  9. I’ve just emailed TM Stores to try and encourage them to send out my replacement order today.

    Gone full @W2K aren obviously.
  10. W2K


    Oh hun W2Karen would be rioting at this point!
  11. SBK


    Your sale would have been reported when the original order was dispatched.
  12. Not sure if this has already been posted, but the Amazon digital edition is £4.99.

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  13. I'm still missing my Faye CD have emailed again they have given me a 24 hour delivery tracking number which claims it was dispatched Monday and Royal Mail has yet to actually scan it into their tracking
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  14. A Steve Anderson studio version bundle would be the only thing to get me to buy another copy of this album.
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  15. So if Steps were to bag the number 1 album, then what would their stats be? Did someone say they would be the only mixed boy/group in UK history to have a number 1 album in 4 consecutive decades?
  16. Faye is notoriously popular with the posties. You wanna watch there.
  17. British mixed group
  18. It does sound very impressive, but it's probably quite a niche record to hold. I can't think of any other British mixed groups from the 90s or earlier competing for number 1 albums. So, they've really cornered that market!
  19. Have they? I haven’t had anything about mine being despatched yet
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