Steps - General Discussion

I mean this is great and everything but have to admit I'm mildly annoyed at the prices I paid when I preordered getting cheaper. I bought the vinyl for £23 or whatever it was, if I'd have waited until this week I could have got it for £15, along with it being signed.

Same with the Signed deluxe I paid £15 on amazon, went down to £10 this week.

I get it's all part of a strategy to encourage more sales but does slightly feel like being an eager fan means you get ripped off a little bit no?
When I feel like that I just remember one thing and it all goes away.
Boxing Day 2001.
Did anyone happen to save the image of Claire/Lee/Faye's individual artwork (since it's now gone from the store)?
Unfortunately I can't find Faye's!

Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I've tried to find the answer and can't... If I buy the digital versions, am I able to download them straight onto my phone? I remember last time I had to use my laptop and it was a gigantic pain in the arse.
Is the cut off midnight tonight?
For downloads. Streaming is locked in already, physicals is as late as retailers dispatch them... Most are probably closing - Amazon might still be ok for physical formats, they dispatch 24/7