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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Screaming.

    I genuinely can't remember when I was this nervous about release week. We knew pretty much for sure that Gary B was going to take number 1 before the end of the week didn't we?

    But we can't call this. If the Manics somehow report an extra 5k sales today from late physical dispatches or something, I'll be fucking livid.
  2. I don't even know what a 24-bit FLAC version is but it's gone straight in my basket. I'm surprised they haven't dropped another surprise at the 11th hour but I suppose there's still time.
  3. I promised myself yesterday I wouldn't add to the 16 copies I already have.

    So I've downloaded a 17th.
  4. Just a really HQ version of it mainly aimed at audiophiles. Maybe Victorious will sound better?
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  5. HA!!! Seriously though, if there was a track that needed to be included in the million track remix bundles we've been buying up all week, there it is.
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  6. At this point, I am just happy to have new music to live with, its been a welcome distraction this week from what can only be described as a hellish few days. I lost my Grandmother and my grandfather has just contracted COVID. So being able to just lose myself in Steps has been a gift. I especially love the new radio mix for Something In Your Eyes.
    I could care less about whether this lands at #1 or 2, I long ago gave up caring. But it is nice to see such passion from them and their fans.
  7. Although I would love a number one.
    This is still nicely put.
  8. So I live in Spain. I ordered both new digital copies with an English card to an English address. Will it count or should I get someone in the UK to download copies?
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  9. Sorry for your loss, that's awful, and I truly hope your grandfather recovers well.
  10. I just bought the signed version from Amazon and it says estimated delivery is 20-26th, despite having prime? I’m guessing that won’t count towards the chart.
  11. Everybody share and retweet as much as you can just in case.
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  12. That should be fine just make sure you download - if you want to be sure you can use a free VPN Service Windscribe to trick it to a UK ip address
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  13. Also the seem to be doing more filming today from H s instagram
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  14. Queen of the huns
  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Do anyone else's individual covers have a (tiny) stroke of white at the bottom of the cover like it wasn't cut quite right?

    Oh and my computer recognizes every individual CD as an empty one?? What the heck
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  16. So it can be disqualified for chart rigging?
  17. Bulk buying doesn't (or shouldn't) count
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  18. I mean if there was any way to describe my buying of What The Future Holds Part 2 it would be bulk buying. Bulk buying and hoarding.
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