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Speaking of downloads: I have no idea yet how I will organize everything in my iTunes.
There's the 2disc album: fine
Then there's 5 individual albums/covers for the personal messages and maybe the remixes, but those are on the Afterparty album too so maybe not.
And then there's all those instant grat downloads that are tagged as part of the album but aren't really part of it and aaaarrr

I kept the individual messages with the album then put all of the mixes (including the karaokes/acoustics) under their respective singles, then done a generic "remixes" album for any odds and ends (Clouds, Father's Eyes, Wasted Tears) etc.
I’ve just had an email that my download is waiting for me to download…. I’ve done everything in my account at least once today…. Hurriedly doing it again on a different device….

I just got my second email reminder 'to download my copy' WHICH I ALREADY DID.
Slow down H

Edit: and a third one straight after
Not just me then. I thought I had done something wrong but I have the downloads on my pc, they are just covering all bases.


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Same! I don't know what downloads they mean, and what "mixtape" are they on about??

I've just re-downloaded everything again, as ZIP file and everything as FLAC and MP3 (even though I'm just going to delete it all).

The only difference I can see is that in the Download section of the account it has everything under "Your Downloads" but then further down the page there's a separate section titled "Purchased Downloads" so I downloaded everything from both sections. There's nothing left to download...
10 copies for me! Must be mad - I’ve never bought that many copies of the same album in my life - but Steps are worth it. If they get number 1, they better listen to what we want on tour, at this rate between us on here we’ll have funded the whole bloody tour!
It does piss me off slightly that we are the ones paying £500 for packages and buying dozens of copies of the same album but they'll still pander to casuals.

I want an album tracks and bsides tour!
I wonder if some of the vinyls have been held back, I've just had my dispatch email so maybe there's a few hundred (hopefully) only been dispatched tonight so close in and overtake the Manics.


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With the whole 'please download your purchases' it feels they're mainly trying to bridge those 330, without taking in consideration that the Manics added another bundle today and that the reason they caught up yesterday was because they had theirs then