Steps - General Discussion

Now I loved that Facebook live. It was so cute.
They are loving life at the moment aren't they?
Lee though, looking so good though.

And the 7th Heaven Take Me For A Ride video is pretty great, nice version.

As for the tour (Post tears) the following has got to be there

Scared Of The Dark
Neon Blue
What The Future Holds
Something In Your Eyes
To The Beat Of My Heart
Heartbreak In This City
Take Me For A Ride
The Slightest Touch
Hundred Years Of Winter

I would also love/hopeful
To The One
Living In A Lie
Wasted Tears
Under My Skin

But probably not going to be there (but I could dream)
One Touch
Trouble And Love
Kiss Of Life

And would still love (never gonna happen though)
Never Say Never Again
I think they def gave the Manics a good run for their money but I’m thinking Steps will just fall short, whatever happens, top 3 is amazing for Steps. Not many bands have a comeback and get three #2 albums in a row, I think this just shows their longevity and the demand for steps music is still there.
I think I’m enjoying this album more so than Part 1.