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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Where is the Shortland Edit of To The One? I know it's a hidden track but on which CD?
  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Disc 2 of the 2-disc edition
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  3. 5pm feels ages away till we find out.
    Madonna wasn’t wrong - ‘Time goes by so slowly for those who wait’
  4. It's also hidden on the Standard CD and Cassette
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  5. Off topic:

    I’ve only just realised that Chain Reaction was written by the Bee Gee (link to Tragedy) I always just thought it was a Diana Ross cover.
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  6. The Bee Gees also do backing vocals on Diana’s version.
  7. As far as I'm aware, they didn't record it apart from the demo, but they did perform it live much later. They do also sing backing vocals on Diana's version. But it really is still just a Diana cover. It was her single.
  8. I must be very late to the party but I’ve only had a second look at the album’s title abbreviations and they read like the band’s collective reaction to track 7.

    If you get it, you get it dddd
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  9. Rob


    Are any of the dozen or so remixes that have been released on the various versions of Part 2 available to stream anywhere?
  10. I feel like they’ll get #1.. but with a mighty fall next week. Can’t handle this waiting!
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  11. I know there isn’t much competition due to the pandemic this year, but will they have the biggest selling arena tour of 2021?
  12. Deluxe CD Is available to stream on all the major platforms

    The 'exclusive' remixes from the individual and digital Afterparty and Morning After I don't believe will be added officially at least for some time as it will hinder people from purchasing the albums. If your wanting to stream on the go you can make use of private music cloud on
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  13. Apparently, my signed vinyl should be here by 14.45 so now I’m sat at the door like a dog waiting for it’s owner to come home.
  14. Part 2 continues to grow on me. I've listened to it on headphones the last couple of days on the walk to work and the songs that weren't instant are sounding better and better.

    Take Me For A Ride/Heartbreak In This City/Wasted Tears/A Hundred Years of Winter/Living In A Lie and The Slightest Touch are all stellar. What an opening run those first 5 tracks are! I'm happy to say that I'm really enjoying A Million Years, Trouble & Love and Victorious now too, with only High still feeling like filler. I definitely find Part 2 stronger and more consistent than Part 1 overall.
  15. MB


    100 Years of Winter on Radio2 claxon!
  16. I really want my vinyl to get to me before I start work at 1pm!
    It's nail-biting stuff now, isn't it? I just want to know what position they are at.

    I genuinely think I'll tear up at the sight of them with one of those Official Chart Number 1 trophies, if they get to Number 1!
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  17. just about to post that
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  18. SBK


    Well, if nothing, next years Greatest Hits is sure to go to #1.
  19. do you know something?
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  20. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Is this a spoiler?
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