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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. To be fair, nobody asked fans to buy 20 copies each. We did that of our own free will, they just made the formats available to buy. If we'd have got a deluxe edition as originally planned, we'd have still got the same "discarded tracks". Instead, we've got a brand new album, a whole new era, new videos, 6 signings, loads of social media content... I think it's very easy to forget that we're spoilt in many ways.

    The competition was open to everyone who had already purchased and even "no purchase necessary" by signing up to the mailing list.
  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    They did state anyone who had already purchased an album on the store was in the running though..
  3. and now they have to have a gold disc minted!
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  4. To be fair, who do you think you’re talking to when you’re saying someone is fucking insufferable? It’s a Steps thread. You’ve been told by the moderators already to stop this.
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  5. This is always the "fear" for me lately As there isn't really much room for longevity in the charts anymore (not where Steps lies)

    I miss the days when songs/albums grew in the charts and had some legs.

    In ways I'd prefer something like 5678. An 18 entry, 14 peak but was in the charts for quite sometime. Then to have a 1/2 then drop to like 34 the following week and out the charts 2 weeks later.
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  6. That’s good. I didn’t see that, thought it was only available as part of the leftover CDs bundle.
  7. Ive never ever had a moderator message me about anything regarding behaviour on this forum.

    I wasn’t calling the person insufferable, I was saying the premise of teasing information without just being upfront is insufferable. It’s a recurring theme in this thread. A ‘privileged’ few giving hints and drops of information without just saying it. I apologise if it came across that way.
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  8. Ok, all these conversations convince me they're #2. So no need for me to wait the announcement, I'll just get sleep tonight...
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  9. Don’t forget, Light Up the World charted at 31!
    More excitingly, looking at H’s Instagram, it looks like Lisa’s still in the country and they’re filming something today! Here’s hoping it’s The Slightest Touch video

    (I actually think the drop in sales between Pt 1 vs Pt 2 would be more of a concern to the band…even if they had gone to number 1 they would probably have preferred 35k copies sold at #2 then 20k copies sold at #1)
  10. Definitely - would love a PWL remix or two for the Anniversary (assuming the disastrous number 2 album doesn't finish off their career) or a Matt Pop mix or two - what he did for Say You'll Be Mine was revolutionary to me for a song I never really gelled with
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    That wasn’t only intended towards @Voicething to be fair...
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  13. Yes, yes and yes!
  14. Woo, people are tense today. The word "embargoed" is pretty clear and there have already been several posts explaining why people can't outright just say something this early in the day. Shame there needs to be any negativity around that at all.

    I think we're pretty lucky to have anyone in here at all that can give us information earlier than we'd get it otherwise, and it's not that difficult to read between the lines of what was said.

    Anyhooooo, on to the Greatest Hits then?
  15. I don’t agree, but that’s just my opinion.

    It’s like the people who bang on about their fave song from the new album in the week before it’s released.

    Different strokes, eh?!
  16. False alarm...H is watching Everybody's Talking About Jamie
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  17. Of course, we're all different. I don't mind hearing people's opinions on the tracks before release. It just makes me a bit more excited to hear them usually.

    I guess stuff like that, and the hints about the chart position prior to the announcement, could be in spoiler tags, to avoid people getting annoyed if they don't want to see them.
  18. Yes, maybe that’s a good idea.

    It’s funny, I always swear off this place in the weeks before a Steps release, but I last about five minutes haha.
  19. The fact they are in the running for #1 is just...insane and makes me so proud to be a fan! Though I agree that this album feels like bonus tracks/b-sides for about half of it, we are still so lucky as a fanbase that we got two albums in two years. It's very easy to make an ultimate album by deleting the duds because the highs on both projects are true highs.

    Also, if anyone is interested, did a very honest review of the album on the podcast!

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  20. Love how everyone is bumming the album when they think it could be #1.

    Then when there's a hint that it hasn't got to #1 people slagging it off for being a collection of B-sides and demos and declaring they 'must do better next time'!
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