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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    At least it will hopefully encourage them to not put any demos on their next release.
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  2. So, the Wasted Tears Initial Talk mix is glorious isn't it?
  3. They’re not. It’s completely obvious what’s happened but people can’t outright say it as it’s embargoed. There’s no need for them to be insulting to someone.
  4. I'm just happy I only paid for 2 copies.

    Poor y'all with your 20 copies.

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  5. I was going to say, perhaps instead of chucking out an album full of discarded tracks and b-sides and asking fans to buy 20 copies each...
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Try to go 1 day without winding each other up in here please....
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  7. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    There’s always a strange amount of anger and entitlement in this thread.

    Be nice everyone, please.
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  8. @JMRGBY you need to take that silver necklace off it's reflecting in my eyes and distracting me.
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  9. Whilst leaving the big competition bundle to the penultimate day, when anyone who’d want to actually enter would’ve already bought the album already, was pretty mean, no one, including Steps, made anyone purchase the ridiculous 20+ copies of the same album we’ve seen on here yesterday.

    I hope it was worth it for that potential Number 1.
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  10. Coming from a man that isn't into remixes. It's pretty great.
    Initial Talk and Steps seem like a perfect match as far.
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  11. I can't stop playing it, it's one of my favourite things they've ever done already.
  12. Just another reminder. Nothing has been announced yet. We still don’t know.
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  13. To be fair, nobody asked fans to buy 20 copies each. We did that of our own free will, they just made the formats available to buy. If we'd have got a deluxe edition as originally planned, we'd have still got the same "discarded tracks". Instead, we've got a brand new album, a whole new era, new videos, 6 signings, loads of social media content... I think it's very easy to forget that we're spoilt in many ways.

    The competition was open to everyone who had already purchased and even "no purchase necessary" by signing up to the mailing list.
  14. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    They did state anyone who had already purchased an album on the store was in the running though..
  15. and now they have to have a gold disc minted!
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  16. To be fair, who do you think you’re talking to when you’re saying someone is fucking insufferable? It’s a Steps thread. You’ve been told by the moderators already to stop this.
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  17. This is always the "fear" for me lately As there isn't really much room for longevity in the charts anymore (not where Steps lies)

    I miss the days when songs/albums grew in the charts and had some legs.

    In ways I'd prefer something like 5678. An 18 entry, 14 peak but was in the charts for quite sometime. Then to have a 1/2 then drop to like 34 the following week and out the charts 2 weeks later.
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  18. That’s good. I didn’t see that, thought it was only available as part of the leftover CDs bundle.
  19. Ive never ever had a moderator message me about anything regarding behaviour on this forum.

    I wasn’t calling the person insufferable, I was saying the premise of teasing information without just being upfront is insufferable. It’s a recurring theme in this thread. A ‘privileged’ few giving hints and drops of information without just saying it. I apologise if it came across that way.
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  20. Ok, all these conversations convince me they're #2. So no need for me to wait the announcement, I'll just get sleep tonight...
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