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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

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  2. Thank you! A good meet and greet experience clearly led to me being incapable of not smiling too wide for the rest of the weekend.
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  3. Almost at 3000 pages. Only a few threads on the forum can claim that. (Madonna, Gaga, Girls Aloud etc)
  4. The last day of Step-tember is going to be "A Hundred Years of Winter" video isn't it ?
    Looking moody on location doesn't really scream "let's get excited for our tour" for me.
    If they all love "Slightest Touch" so much then why are they paying it dust ?
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  5. MB


    We don’t know for certain that the video they filmed was for 100 years do we? Or that they haven’t filmed another video at some point? Or that the next single is definitely 100 years? We’re going off a sticker on an album which we all know could be wrong.
    The Slightest Touch really is the best thing on the album and with a bit of promo would help shift a few more albums and tour tickets I’m sure. It’s pure Steps. Imagine it on tour!
  6. Winter video/single is definitely coming but if there’s a video coming at the end of Steptember (which we don’t know) for all we know it could be for The Slightest Touch. I think they’ll be holding off on releasing Winter until November during the tour when they’ll probably get a TV performance if they can do.

    In my opinion, a push for The Slightest Touch kinda feels too little, too late, but they’ve clearly constructed a rollout plan for the album so who knows? All we can do right now is speculate.
  7. MB


    I was thinking about promo slots and all the big shows - graham / strictly / Jonathan Ross are back on, even “it takes two” so there’s a few more possibilities. However I think they’d be more likely to get a slot before the end of October because after that it’s like carnage - Little Mix, Ed, Adele (probably), Kylie to name but a few.
  8. SBK


    Yeah, imagine if they throw a curveball and drop a video for The Slightest Touch!

    (They should too - as nice as winter is, Steps should not be doing two mid tempos in a row?)
  9. MB


    Exactly this. A midtempo every now and again is great but 2 in a row!? This is Steps we're talking about - people are here for the camp poppers o'clock bops. That's what sells.
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  11. Do we think that the Loves Got A Hold On My Heart proficy of a Steps Movie would ever come to pass?.....

  12. Legends only.
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  13. SBK


    Did you see Stepping Out?
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  14. Having lived with the album for a while now I definitely prefer Part 2, the only tracks I consider filler are Kiss of Life and High. The opening run of tracks is so strong - Wasted Tears is awesome, A Hundred Years of Winter is one of the best things they've ever done, I love Living In A Lie in all it's latter day ABBA glory and The Slightest Touch is a career highlight. The few songs that I wasn't initially sold on (A Million Years, Trouble & Love, Victorious) have all grown on me massively.

    With Part 1 I took 5 songs and ran (the singles and To The One), way too many ballads and midtempos for me. The lows are so much lower than on Part 2. I finally got around to making my What The Future Holds (Ultimate Edition) and combining Part 1's singles and Part 2's album tracks you have a really solid collection. I love how Lee is all over Part 2 as well, particularly on Trouble & Love and Victorious where he sounds great.

    Cannot wait to see these songs brought to life on tour!
  15. I didn't.

    But I did see the 5678 musical.
  16. SBK


    There's barely any of it online either, so you're lucky, even if you were tempted, you'd be spared.
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  17. So I watched the video for 'Story of a Heart' for the first time yesterday and it's probably infamous on here, but can anybody explain to me what the hell Lisa is miming during her part and how that got left in the final edit?
  18. She was straight off a flight and jet-lagged.

    But them using the footage is honestly criminal.
  19. Listened to both Pt 1 and Pt 2 and echo most peoples' thoughts. Pt 1 has amazing highs (What The Future Holds, Something in Your Eyes) but also a lot of 'meh' and I skip a lot of tracks. Where are Pt 2 doesn't have any amazing tracks it has lots of solid tracks mixed with some genuinely good tracks (Slightest Touch) but don't skip it.
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  20. Pt 1 wins for To The Beat Of My Heart alone.
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