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I mean, I personally don't care because 1) 320 MP3 is good enough for me, and 2) I never listen to 12" mixes when I have the 7" mix anyway, but they screwed up and they should own it, cost be damned. Edsel sent out replacement copies of the many, many Belinda Carlisle CDs they borked up - and those were even pressed CDs, whereas these are (according to my computer) CD-Rs!

According to my computer they're even empty ones (probably not finalized properly) so yeah..
Didn't Celine Dion drop like a stone as well? Maybe that was only in the US.
Indeed, her album unfortunately fell from #1 to #111 over there! Here in the UK it peaked at #2 but had quite a respectable 6 week run in the Top 20 (2-13-12-18-18-19).

I did a little more research about #1 falls in the UK. Ben Howard - 'Collections from the Whiteout' (March 2021) entered at #1 and then fell out of the Top 100 in week 2. 1-113! I'm not sure if that's the current record, or if anyone else has done worse than that.

Anyway relative to that, Steps were thankfully on course for a reasonable second week position.