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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Lee


    Thinking out loud… I’m pretty sure Neon Blue was filmed at the same time as the tour visuals, the same could have happened with The Slightest Touch, a cheaper way of getting a video done??
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  2. She‘s due on in about half an hour.
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  3. It's absolutely infuriating seeing this week's number 1 album having sold under 8k after 6 days.

    Steps did more than double that in their first 3 days.
  4. If only they could have known... what the future held.
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  5. I agree but I think I prefer the idea of 2-out of the top 10/20(? Not heard where Steps are in the current midweeks) than a huge drop from number 1.
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  6. I'm not sure where they are either but I'd hope they're not as far down as 35, which is the current record for the largest drop #1 (The Vamps).

    I'd expect mid-20s based on their initial position of 15 at the weekend.
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  7. MB


    Claire mentioned summer gigs May - September next year.
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  8. The best news is the updated posh ‘Pasta a la Clara’ recipe! That’s my Thursday night dinner sorted
  9. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Brighton Pride performance! Let me manifest!
  10. And a good old fashioned Chart Battle is always good and definitely needed this day and age.
  11. SBK


    Currently top 20, ans have been holding steady.

    But yeah they would have been #1 purely on their pre-orders (13k) this week...
  12. What other song does the chorus of Victorious sound like? Every single time I listen I think I am about to figure it out but I never do.
  13. Half of all Melodifestivalen entries since 2005? The other Victorious?
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  14. I know it is a cover but I have never heard the original. It's definitely a song I listen to regularly/know well. It almost comes to me every time the chorus kicks in, I am going crazy trying to think of it!
  15. I wasn't being sarcastic - Linda and Velvet's Victorious is a different (would-be) Mello entry from Lina's Victorious (the one Steps did), but they share more than a passing resemblance.
  16. Ooh, oops. Well I've still never heard of what you posted so it isn't that!
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  17. I guess in some ways it sounds like a lighter version of Euphoria by Loreen.
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  18. The closest I can get is (0:35)

    But I'm still not satisfied!
  19. I need to get saving then!
  20. Part 2 is cute, nothing (may never) tops To The Beat Of My Heart, but I'll be keeping Living In A Lie, Wasted Tears, Take Me For A Ride, Slightest Touch and Kiss Of Life on heavy rotation until the tour.
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