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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I'm sure if there is a solo medley it will be of their 'solo' Steps tracks. Ie, Just Like The First Time, I Surrender, etc. I can't see Claire and Lisa cracking out their top-10 solo material whilst the others have to sing a cover.
  2. Lee is the only member to not have a top 10 after Steps

    Faye & Lisa had 1
    H & Claire had 3 (4 with double A side)
  3. I think Lee should release something solo in between Steps activities. I feel like this time around he has built more confidence to sing in the group, and hopefully that will allow him to branch out into a solo EP/album. He doesn't necessarily have to promote it, but just having something more recent out there would be good for him.
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  4. Would be totally game for this!
  5. I'm definitely in the 'no solos' camp

    Something akin to the ladies doing Enough is Enough and the gents doing Despacito is ok but they have so much material I want to hear over 'Someone Like You'
  6. Wasting 5 song slots on solo songs when they’ve got 2 albums worth of new material would be nothing short of a piss take.
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  7. I'd lose 5 songs for Too Far Gone / Electric and a full To The Beat Of My Heart.
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  8. W2K


    Thank god the power of setlist deciding isn’t in most of you lot’s hands…
  9. Did anyone see on H's live on Friday night where he said something like "wouldn't it be cool if we did a medley where we all sang a bit of each others' songs"? But he said it in such a way that I thought it might actually be happening, especially after Faye's live when she said there would be little "bits" of solo stuff but not full songs. H did say there were "no solos" though so whatever they're doing it will surely be minimal.

    (Lee to sing Electric please)
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  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Can't wait for Lisa's take on Experienced
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  11. That's weird it used to be on youtube - I saved a copy so can stick it on if you wish?
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  12. They sounded so amazing on this.
    It's random that the video disappeared.
    I assumed that it was a copywrite issue, would love to see it again.
  13. Yes please!
  14. MB


    The JLS meet and greet details have been sent out. The jist of it is if you've booked in a group - one photo will be taken per group. The photo will be taken by their team not on your phone. JLS will be on the stage and you will be in front of the stage. So you'll be basically be about 7 metres away from them in both distance and height. Obviously this is for JLS but I expect Steps will follow suit.
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  15. How long is it till JLS? So I know when to expect the Steps announcement
  16. MB


    JLS' tour starts on the 20th Oct. 2 weeks before Steps' first date.
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  17. It seems they've blocked it due to copyright... would it break PJ rules to post a 'wetransfer' link?
  18. JLS and/or their management are being completely ripped apart on social media. It will be interesting to see their response and how Steps navigate the inevitable backlash if they do the same!
  19. Hopefully Steps will see this setup and not go for it!
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