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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Genuinely would be interested in taking a full refund if the Steps’ M&G ends up following a similar structure of JLS’.
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  2. How would that even work? Don't meet and greets in bigger venues take place when the arena is already filling up?
  3. They won't care they'll have the fans be there at 4.
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  4. I remember getting out of my meet and greet with Steps the first time and the doors had just opened, but this time surely doors will be earlier because it’ll take longer to get everyone in?
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  5. It'll be an insurance requirement, probably? Their insurers won't want to risk them catching COVID from a fan at an M&G.
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    There are better ways to do a meet and greet in the current situation than how JLS have handled it. The united kingdolls did them where they were simple stood slightly behind the “audience member” not behind and up 2 meters. When I met Steps recently they were fine for me to be stood a meter in front and take a selfie. Let’s hope they do something similar and are a bit creative.
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  7. Can't they put up some kind of partition?
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  8. Doesn’t the COVID passports apply to gigs? I’m in Scotland so sorry if this isn’t a thing in either England or Ireland.
  9. Apparently McFly’s meet and greet was from behind a table - that’s better than what JLS have planned!
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  10. The way it's going it will end up like this

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  11. I really hope Steps do not follow suit - even to be behind a big table, or a barrier/rope would be better.

    Do we know if JLS are giving refunds or discounts for this? It’s hardly a Meet & Greet in that scenario, given that we got a better experience at a free signing?
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  12. The irony being that if they did something like this it would be a great photo op for a fan and something making the best out if a poor situation.
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  13. I get why all the safety measures are in place but I just think meet and greets shouldn’t be offered in the current climate, just seems illogical.
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  14. Does anyone else think they will have a second mini stage? For example at the o2, the C2 section is sectioned off. I know that it can't be done for all venues such as Cardiff for example but possible at the bigger arenas that's the surprise. Faye did say on her insta live that they'd be reaching out and being closer to all as ever before..... Hmmmmmm
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    They have a catwalk with a small stage at the end but that’s always been planned. You can’t suddenly get rid of a block of seats that have been sold. Non of the other venues have a gap like the O2.
  16. They could get another use out of those dirty pods from the Reunion tour!
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  17. This is my thinking too? Surely, they have to offer a refund given that this isn’t going to be the experience initially planned pre-covid?
  18. Could this be for recording?
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    You'd think JLS' team would have planned for some kind of backlash? Surely they won't have wrote that email and thought 'yep, that sounds good to us' *send*.
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