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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

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  2. People are reporting that they've had replies from See Tickets saying no refund for JLS will be given.

    If Steps follow suit and do 1 photo per booking that's £1500 for 1 photo!! I know we're getting the other parts of the package too but I think a partial refund would be only fair.

    Anyway, no use speculating. Just wait for the announcement
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  4. Given the response on Twitter, I think their management or the tour company will be attempting serious damage control.
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  5. I think the “damage control” was the Q&A which obviously went down like a lead balloon.

    Back onto Steps, I’ve emailed Event Travel a couple of times about Steps and got a generic reply that the meet and greet policy will be sent “a few weeks before the tour starts” - I assume late enough so people can’t cancel without losing their money. It’s loss of deposit up to 6 weeks before the event date, then 65% up to four weeks then you lose the full amount. I’m now extremely thankful my second M&G is Bournemouth…
  6. Slightly OT, but do we have any more pictures from this tour? I've barely seen any!
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  8. Does anyone know if meet and greet tickets can be transferred? I’ve paid my bond but due to covid I won’t be able to fly over and make the show. Just want to know what options are available , the events ticket people seem to take ages to reply.
  9. It would be best to contact them directly

    Attached is a response I had after similar query. If you haven't paid in full it might also be worth checking what your payment due date is

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  10. So with Infinite Disco having a blu ray edition. We can only hope for BMG to do them again for Steps.
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  11. ASX appear to have released more tickets for the o2 Saturday show.
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  12. I didn't book a meet and greet this time around, but I did book the sound check experience thing. I don't know what possessed me to spend £500+ on it. I definitely got swept up in the tour excitement there.
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  14. Dancer rehearsals have started this week, and Queen Lisa is on a flight back to the UK!

    We can almost taste the tour now!
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  15. If they can do this then they can let us have photos with them.
    It should be mandatory that regardless of vaccination, we all have to provide a negative test before meeting them
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  16. That’s one member meeting a radio DJ for a photo. It’s not the same as meeting maybe 50 fans a night whilst also interacting with all the crew, dancers, production, staff at different venues around the country, their families and anybody else they could come into contact with.

    A negative test result doesn’t necessarily mean someone is negative. Anybody paying for a meet and greet in 2020 and expecting to be nose deep in their fave is…misguided.
  17. They're at a party in large groups pressing their faces against each other.
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    You could probably get that for free after the show if you're on the right app.

    Lets not over analyse every social interaction they have. Meeting people now is fine. Meeting hundreds of people whilst you're on a tour that would cost them millions if they had to pull out of if they test positive is a completely different thing.

    If they come into contact with covid now. It has no effect on the tour. Once the tour is going, if they get covid, they could have to miss several shows.
    I know of tours that have had shows cancelled because a member of the band caught covid. Its still very real. And it is more than "well she went to a party in October so why can't we lick their faces?"
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  19. Just read that Tom Hiddleston is keeping his but with a perspex screen between him and the fans, that's a decent idea
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