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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Lisa posting my edit of Adele playing Electric but my username being cropped out? Claire strikes again.
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  2. Lisa sure does love her hashtags!

  3. I can see you.

  4. My Instagram must still just be bugged from yesterday then, bizarre!
  5. MB


    So there's Faye's gold dress! They look utterly stunning though.
  6. Genuinely thought that was going to be a single cover for a moment. They look on fire!
  7. I think that first shot could be my favourite of this whole campaign.
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  8. It’s like they started running out of ideas halfway through Faye’s outfit and gave up when they got to Lee. Haha.
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  9. That photograph is album cover worthy.
  10. Does this get broadcasted/livestreamed anywhere?
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  11. Everything is so wrong for Lee on left picture. Face expression, pose and that too ordinary shirt. How could they do that to that gorgeous man?
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  12. The 2019 awards were livestreamed on Facebook. Mika won the icon award then did a 5-song set, I think they broadcast the speech but then cut before the performances.
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    Just had an email about the M&G
    "We would also ask that guests, who are attending the soundcheck and/or the Meet & Greet, bring proof of a negative CoVid test, taken 24 hours before coming to the show". All guests will be asked to wear masks during the soundcheck and the Meet & Greet (unless you are exempt). We will be supplying complimentary ‘STEPS’ masks when you check in. Please note that masks can be removed for the photograph at the Meet & Greet."
  14. That Face Mask better not be the exclusive gift! If so I want my money back haha
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  15. Yet even at his most "ordinary" he still looks hot as fuck though.
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  16. Sorry to sound stupid but how do you show proof of your 24 hour test results? Put it in the nhs app?
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  17. That doesn't tell us anything. What on earth is the point of wearing a mask during the soundcheck when there will be 10000 unmasked fans in a few hours later?
  18. Yes if you do a lateral flow test and record it on the app it generates a certificate.
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  19. It annoyingly doesn't confirm the distance from them but implies it will be as normal?

    Like, no hugs but near them
  20. I've just received (part of) an answer to various questions to Event Travel. They're sticking to that their generic description "was and is" as stated on the website. They are saying the "final policy" will be sent a few days before the tour begins. They "never specify exactly how or where the Meet & Greet will take place or what might be permitted within the photo opportunity". You also can't bring items to be signed but we will get a signed programme.
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