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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I'm living for the threatening aura of the second photo. "Oh, you haven't bought our album yet? Why not? WHY NOT?" They'll haunt you in your nightmares.

    The makeup and/or photoshopping is off, though, especially on Claire and Lee.
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  2. SBK


    Outrageous. I want my money back. I was promised they'd spit in my mouth!
  3. Steps have always been there for the fans so hopefully if the photo op is affected negatively they will make up the experience
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  4. Sorry to play devils advocate here but Covid was a thing before buying these meet & greets right? It's also not just down to the artist how they engage with fans, that'll be the promoters and labels they've signed contracts with worth a lot of money and a lot of peoples livelihoods depending on this tour going ahead.
  5. Of course, but I think there’s an argument that meet and greets shouldn’t have been put on sale until the situation was much clearer. I just wish they’d tell us what to clearly expect. A picture behind a table is one thing, a JLS style stage pic is another. It’s not unreasonable to ask and to get answers to those questions but Event Travel are giving us nothing.
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  6. Certified pop legends.

    I never stop being proud of them.
  7. Sorry but H….. phwoar!
  8. Queen is absolutely beaming.

  9. Is there anywhere to watch tonight's performance?
  10. Bless her hashtagging pornstar martinis. Relatable Queen.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Doesn't seem like it, hopefully they will upload the show but as Obscenely Delicious posted on the previous page they didn't even include Mika performances when they did the livestream. Would of though there would be somewhere to watch, If only Virgin had a TV service where It could've broadcasted it or added it to the video on demand platform
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  13. Faye!!
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  14. Faye and Lisa look amazing.
  15. Also when we booked it was well over a year away and noone expected we'd still be in the same situation.

    The idea was it was so far in advance to allow us have the package as advertised
  16. I'm loving the photos from this shoot!!
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