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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Agreed. It’s good to try different things occasionally I guess.

    Also I still want one of his half-kilt things. Not the actual ones he wears but my own.
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  2. Someone on one of the Facebook groups posted a message saying that Event Travel have said it's highly likely the meet and greet will be on the arena floor after the soundcheck. I'm getting JLS vibes...
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  3. MB


    I mean it does kinda make sense being on the arena floor - bigger space, better ventilation etc but let's just hope they come up with a better idea than the JLS one.
  4. But where on the arena floor if it's seated?
  5. I presume the implication is that they'll be on stage and the fans will be below, by the front row on the barrier? I saw a picture of Boyzlife somewhere which was a similar set up. It was... grim to say the least.
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  6. MB


    Hopefully it won't be that bad. I have faith (that's a lie, I don't, it's going to be dreadful)
  7. Okay but if H was on a platform above me in a kilt and I knew he had a jockstrap on....
    I need to lie down.
  8. I've just cancelled mine and taken the £100 hit whilst I still can. I had such a lovely time at the HMV signing that I don't think this will come anywhere close.
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  9. I'm hoping it won't be too bad and awkward if it is a bad scenario hopefully they have the foresight that there will be some sort of opportunity during the festival/anniversary and offer a voucher for next year and people that have booked this year will reach some sort of deal
  10. I'm kinda amazed anyone booked M&G without automatically assuming it would be a set up like this? I only have regular tickets and when I booked I half wasn't even expecting the tour to go ahead. Surely it was always going to be this way if at all?
  11. W2K


    I think it’s unfair to judge anyone’s expectations on the meet and greet front. How were we to know a year ago when most of us booked our tickets that we’d still be in this kind of situation? We didn’t, it’s been twists and turns at every corner.
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  12. Yeah, this is exactly how I feel.
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  13. It's a shame they never streamed the Attitude Awards there was a bit Lisa walked to the front of the stage during her solo verse and kneeled down and was sublime but there seems to be very little footage about about only from phones and mini clips
  14. I feel the same. I'm still hoping it's not going to be too bad. However if it is, due to the above, it's not completely out of the question to expect a part refund. Even if it's like £50 or something.
    ...the gig would still be great though!
  15. Not judging anyone, just a bit taken aback. But I apologise to anyone I might have offended with that assertion because in hindsight, my profession means I have perhaps been more exposed to certain details that might have made me more pessimistic when the tickets went on sale.
  16. Pop Husband's forever!

    This photo is EVERYTHING!!!

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  17. H is living his best life in that photo.
  18. Living in my fantasy world - Watching Spice Girls at the BBC and thinking what could be done for Steps at the BBC

    Commentary: Brief Intro how the started as a line dancing group
    5,6,7,8 - World record for simultaneous line dancing with Steps and Rodeo Ruth On Children In Need - November 1997
    Commentary: Deciding not to continue with line dancing they released a cover of Bananarama's song
    Last Thing on My Mind - Blue Peter - May 1998
    Commentary: Just missing out at the no.1 spot
    One for Sorrow - Top Of The Pops - September 1998
    Commentary: Double A side making steps' first no.1 with including a cover of BeeGees classic

    Tragedy - Children In Need November 1998 | Smash Hits Poll Winners Party - December 1998
    Heartbeat - Top Of The Pops - November 1998
    Better Best Forgotten - Live & Kicking - March 1998
    Brief Mention of Brit Awards 1999 - ABBA Performance with Billie Piper, B*Witched, Steps, Tina Cousins, Cleopatra
    Love's Got a Hold on My Heart - GayTime TV - June 1999
    After the Love Has Gone - Blue Peter
    Say You'll Be Mine - Live & Kicking - December 1999
    Commentary: Steps Land their own talent show with some familiar faces Danny Jones of McFly and Gareth Gates
    Better the Devil You Know - Steps To The Stars
    Commentary: Steps win Brit Award for Best Live Act
    Deeper Shade of Blue - Blue Peter Summer Roadshow
    When I Said Goodbye - BBC Music Live - May 2000
    Summer of Love - Steps into Summer - August 2000
    Stomp - Smash Hits Poll Winners Party - December 2000
    It's the Way You Make Me Feel - Blue Peter (Matt Baker Participation)
    Here and Now - The Saturday Show - June 2001
    You'll Be Sorry - Top Of The Pops - June 2001
    Chain Reaction - 2001 Poll Winners Party
    Words Are Not Enough - CBBC at the Proms - September 2001
    I Know Him So Well - The Saturday Show - December 2001
    Commentary: News of the Split Boxing Day 2001
    Brief Coverage of H & Claire, LSL and activities throughout the split
    Commentary: Steps reunite for TV Documentary and Tour

    Medley Snippet - Children In Need - November 2011
    Commentary: Steps Reunite releasing new music and tours
    Scared of the Dark - Strictly Come Dancing - October 2017
    Story of a Heart | Neon Blue - Proms in the Park - September 2017 (Unaired on TV)
    Commentary: Word have it that Sia wrote Steps' song
    Commentary: Global Pandemic/Zoom interviews

    What the Future Holds - The One Show - September 2020
    Commentary: Drag Race Star Michelle Visage guest on track, Covid-19 means Lisa not able to join promo
    Heartbreak in This City - Graham Norton - April 2021
    Commentary: As the country starts opening back up the BBC is one of the first to hold live music with an intimate setting
    Take Me For A Ride - Live at the BBC - September 2021
    Commentary: Insert what happens throughout November and 2022

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  19. I'm not judging anyone who have any opinions regarding the meet and greets, but this time last year, politically we were promised that anyone vaccinated's lives would pretty much be back to normal, that the vaccines would be in circulation from the start of the year onwards and that everyone over 18 would have been offered it by the summer.

    The fact that we're still living a very sensitive and sheltered life despite most people now having either had Covid or being double vaccinated, makes me wonder why those who have 'negative' results, or a covid passport cannot be within a certain distance to the group. There were people closer to the group at the attitude awards than there will be at the Meet and Greet, who won't have paid £500 for the privilidge.
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