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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. This is GORGEOUS. I am desperately hoping we get this picture in HQ without all the text etc because I need to frame this.
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  2. Just came in to say they all look great on the red carpet tonight, but Lisa in particular looks fucking amazing!
  3. The Attitude photo shoot truly, and I mean truly, shows them as icons. It’s quite emotional knowing they’re still here and as influential for the LGBTQIA+ community almost three decades in.
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  5. SBK


  6. The Attitude Set List seems to have been…

    Deeper Shade Of Blue (with Summer of Steps intro)
    What The Future Holds
    One For Sorrow
    Scared Of The Dark
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  7. Agreed. THIS is one of my favourite pics of the whole era
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  8. Love these pics so much I might even buy the magazine.... but who keeps giving Claire these black eyebrows?
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  9. Nice setlist, at least not another all old hits medley performance
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  10. Isn’t the new intro the same one from the bbc Manchester show which was from Summer of Steps?

    Also- presumably this now confirms that their next (greatest hits) album will indeed be called 25
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  11. Might have to actually buy Attitude for the first time in forever
  12. Are we going to get to see the Attitude performance?
    Pity we now know that Faye's dress was only for a photo shoot and not for a music video.
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  13. The joy in this one pic is insanely infectious. I highly appreciate having stanned this band all this time.
  14. You’re right, sorry my late-night ears had missed that!
  15. Lovely pics of them. They look so good - maybe better than ever?
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  16. All I've seen is some grainy videos on the official Attitude Twitter
  17. That Attitude cover is one of the best group shots of them ever. Fingers crossed for a no text version to come out.

    They all look fab, and Lisa in particular - stunning!
  18. I've probably missed something here but where did they confirm it was called 25?
  19. W2K


  20. This Attitude shoot might be the best they have ever looked. What kind of witchcraft is this?

    The cover shot is everything. Hands down, the best group shot of them ever.
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