Steps - General Discussion

That second Glasgow date of the tour is not looking too good in terms of selling, do we think there is a possibility of it being cancelled due to low ticket sales?

It's more likely they'll just close off levels 2 and 3 and move everyone to the front at this point. This would be a vast improvement for anyone who bought upper tier tickets anyway, it's such a crap venue for music. Take That sounded like they'd recorded their vocals in the loo the night I went...
I'm not saying that at Meet and Greets we should be able to lick their faces (though with Lee it is tempting...) but Covid is never going away, it's here like we can't keep just distancing for the rest of our lives. I'm not saying they should do it this time, especially with Lee's newborn baby but at some point we have to stop all distancing and accept the reality it's always going to be a part of us and let's move on.