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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Oh, I must have missed this. Thanks for sharing. They both sound amazing.
  2. Claire sounds unreal in that performance. She just gets better and better, she's such a powerhouse of a vocalist.
  3. So the full setlist is locked in according to Faye!!
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  4. I think the full setlist would have been locked in for weeks to allow Steve Anderson to work his magic on the tracks. It may have not been set in stone as far as order was concerned tho.
  5. I had no idea this existed. Wow. Fantastic performance!!

    That song is just a banger of the highest order. Claire legit has one of my favourite pop voices ever, but I don't think even she could unseat Donna and Tina in terms of best performances of this song. This is one of my favourite live performances of all time. These ladies eat this up.

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  6. Yeah, the setlist was sorted weeks and weeks ago.
  7. Guess it's too late to ask for Wasted Tears
  8. In my fantasy setlist there is definitely room for Wasted Tears (Initial Talk Remix).
  9. Dancing With A Broken Heart made the cut last time and they have been sitting on Part 2 since at least March, so there is as good a chance as any that Wasted Tears et al. will make the cut.
  10. True but that was a full single with video the equivalent to Take Me For A Ride

    EDIT: Realising that Dancing & Take Me are the equivalents for each era kinda hurts. Why didn't they push The Slightest Touch
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  11. Thank you! I love this Tina & Donna duet I think it's my favourite ever duet, it is perfection.
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  12. Lots of tickets are starting to be posted online as the tour approaches.

    Twickets is a safe way to get tickets without touts charging astronomical prices.

    I use them if I fancy some last minute cheap tickets to go to a second date
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  13. MB


    It definitely feels like there are a lot more resales happening this time around but guessing that'll be down to covid and peoples fears than anything else. Oh that and booking an evening 14 months ago then having plans change.
  14. Holy moly! Claire deserves her own 2 hour Divas live special where she just belts all the classics
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  15. MB


    Collabro's M&G involved a perspex screen but, I don't hate it.

  16. W2K


    That seems like a sensible way to do it, the screen is barely noticeable.
  17. Can’t wait to see Steps next month at the Hydro Glasgow. I haven’t seen them live since Hamilton Race Course gig many moons ago.

    Also super exciting as it will be my first live gig in well over 2.5 years.
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  18. Claire giving me Tanya Turner in that group photo at the end. I love it!
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  19. It's a shame how many tickets are still left unsold for the tour. I don't believe it's anything to do with them or their popularity, but purely the pandemic.
  20. CONFIRMED: Solo section is not happening

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