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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. For the meet and greet, I'd probably say have the fans in front and have Steps stand on a box or something behind them? That would mean they're all in the same photo 'together'? Not much of a better solution but makes the best of a bad situation.
  2. Nice idea.

    But the whole Attitude behind the scenes smooching and socializing is a BIG slap in the face for those fans who have paid a LOT for such a brief moment to be a little bit close to them.
    I know that it can't be helped yet if that behaviour at the Attitude awards was acceptable then a proper meet and greet should be too.
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  3. They’re guests at an awards show where they’re performing and winning an award. AGAIN that doesn’t mean you get to be nose deep in “my man” just because you want covid to be over with. What you consider socialising is primarily their job.

    You’ll still be meeting them at the meet and greets so chill.
  4. Don't forget the insurance factor. If any of the guests at the Attitude awards got covid, they would isolate and that would be it.

    If Steps test positive on day one of the tour and their insurance doesn't consider meet and greets reasonable behaviour in a pandemic (which I'm sure it won't) who is going to refund all the tickets?
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  5. MB


    Oh so it is the JLS solution.
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  6. seems so yes. I’m surprised, and surprised that they are allowed to get away with doing this and just stating no refunds.

    hopefully it will still be fun for anyone who attends these. It was certainly expensive enough…
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  7. It's official crap and Event Travel really should be looking into giving guests part it's not the experience we've paid for.

    I know tickets went on sale during a pandemic, however we all (a lot of us) though that by now it would mostly be over. So it's not dumb to expect a proper meet and greet experience.

    A little bit disappointed to be honest.
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  8. i understand about insurance and stuff of course. But if it’s not safe for the band to be close to people who have paid for this experience, how is it safe for the audience to be packed into the venue? Do the attendees not matter?
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  9. I’m not surprised that it’s basically the JLS set up. I totally get this is making the best of a bad situation, but being all over other celebrities at Attitude isn’t a great look a few days before they announce this. This is even worse than JLS because they’re making you wear a mask on top of all this.

    It’s great that they’re putting a meet and greet on for those who want it, and if people are happy to follow the guidance then great. But people should absolutely be offered a refund if they’re not down for this. I’m so glad I cancelled but I really hope those who do go have an amazing time regardless.
  10. How did you manage to cancel? My friend tried and EventTravel were to be frank.. vile. They just threatened with extra fees and non return of deposit…
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  11. I played email ping-pong with them and they refused to cancel my package unless I forfeited my deposit. Thankfully mine was later on so just the deposit amount. I argued it’s a material change against their terms and conditions, and I only accept a cancellation if they give me my full money back and if they don’t give me it, I’ll file a chargeback. They cancelled it regardless and took my deposit without my permission so I’ve filed a chargeback for the remainder. It’s been approved pending Event Travel rebutting it but I’m pretty confident I’ll succeed. If I don’t, I’d rather lose the deposit and get some of my money back at this stage.
  12. Changing the package without offering a refund is a dick move.
  13. That’s exactly how they were with him. I told him he should file a chargeback too but I don’t think he will… their attitude was just appalling.
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  14. Event Travel’s stance is that their generic description covers everything and they don’t give details until nearer the time, you still get a meet and greet, you still get a photo, case closed. My argument was a lot of us booked on the implication that the world would be “normal” by now, there’s nothing in the terms and conditions that says “COVID-19 related measures may be in place” which many meet and greet packages are now stipulating. Wearing a mask and social distancing isn’t what a customer would reasonably expect at the time of booking, especially given their previous meet and greet offers. The implied advertising was that it would be the same as before because nothing explicitly said it would be different - nobody knew back then what the future would hold.
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  15. W2K


    I’m really confused as to why people are so upset? We’re still getting to meet them, still getting to have a photo…just a bit further away than “normal”. It’s not ideal, but we don’t live in an ideal world, and they’ve got a whole tour to do without anyone testing positive.
  16. MB


    I get that the distance isn't ideal but if taken properly I think the pictures could look pretty cool with the stage in the distance behind. To complain or say it's worse than the JLS one because you have to wear a mask to keep others and yourself and Steps safe is a bit much.
    The M&G is not what we're "used to" but to be fair a line up in a corridor or back room with a cheap back drop wasn't worth the money either.
  17. I guess it's spending the money to 'meet' them. Personally, I'd rather something safe so that there will also be many more tours and meet and greets to follow, rather than anyone catching or spreading COVID and potentially not living to go to another tour or have Steps turn into less than 5 members... It only takes one selfish person.
  18. W2K


    Very much this!
  19. I do see your point, and keeping Steps safe is the priority, I don’t disagree with measures being in place. But where is the logic in asking people to wear a mask for a soundcheck and Steps are on the stage, when those very same people will be bunched side by side on the arena floor without masks on a few hours later, the same distance away from the band? It’s not of benefit to anyone.
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