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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Lee looks like he's modelling for ASOS.
  2. What in the aspect ratio has happened to H - he looks like a drawing
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  3. The photos look to be taken at a weird angle or that they have been photoshopped in some way. The legs and bottom half of their bodies all look closer in perspective and the upper part/head look further away.
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  4. SBK


    It's obviously a stylistic choice by the photographer. You can replicate it by taking photos upside down with the camera.
  5. I see someone's been reading LSL.
  6. SBK


    #reading #learning #love #family #steps
  7. When she used #cum as a hashtag on her story the other day I could have died. I wish I'd screenshot it.
  8. And- to absolutely no one’s surprise, H’s Instagram stories revealed that another track being performed on the tour is:
    What The Future Holds
  9. There's a tour spoilers thread for setlist reveals (though "reveal" may be a bit much for that particular track!).
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  10. How is it less than a month until tour?
    November 2021 seemed light years away from September 2020 yet we are nearly here!
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  11. MB


    So excited! For once I’m going to the first night so don’t have to avoid any spoilers. I just hope it’s as amazing as the Party tour (this thread is negative enough we don’t need more reason to moan).
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  13. From the snippet we got on the Party tour, it's clear they'd absolutely nail that song. Let's be honest, Claire's voice is built for it. She'd dominate it.
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  14. Claire did perform it with Marisha Wallace last year and it was pretty amazing

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  15. Oh, I must have missed this. Thanks for sharing. They both sound amazing.
  16. Claire sounds unreal in that performance. She just gets better and better, she's such a powerhouse of a vocalist.
  17. So the full setlist is locked in according to Faye!!
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  18. I think the full setlist would have been locked in for weeks to allow Steve Anderson to work his magic on the tracks. It may have not been set in stone as far as order was concerned tho.
  19. I had no idea this existed. Wow. Fantastic performance!!

    That song is just a banger of the highest order. Claire legit has one of my favourite pop voices ever, but I don't think even she could unseat Donna and Tina in terms of best performances of this song. This is one of my favourite live performances of all time. These ladies eat this up.

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