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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Plus again surely having half a venue buying drinks, food and merch is better than another 6 months empty.
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  2. Gave H & Claire's album a go and...I have thoughts.
    Were some of the songs meant for Steps? Because there are some that sound like rejected B-sides. Some of the slower ones are great though and I am shocked how good H sounds on most of it.
    The Beauty & The Beast cover is stunning and I liked their take on the Jessica Simpson x Marc Anthony song There You Were too.
    Centre of My Heart would be perfect as a closing credit song to a 00's Rom Com. I live.

    Cover art is awful though, they both look about 20 years older than they were. The look younger now than they did on the cover.
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  3. Looooove has never ever looked so beautiful....
  4. Somebody needs to organise a reboot, STAT!!
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  5. Yep it's not a home run of an album by any stretch, but the highs are high. And they both sound absolutely incredible on it.

    Honestly though, All Out Of Love is just solid gold, grade A pop music. They were never going to do anything that topped that. What a fucking banger.

    It also gave us this, which is bloody fantastic in terms of pure pop performance. This is surely the most challenging dance Claire has ever attempted, and she largely pulls it off with ease.

  6. Wasn’t All Out Of Love recorded as a knee jerk reaction to Half A Heart ‘only’ getting to #8? The record company made them record something “a bit more Steps”? I wonder if any other songs on the album were added around that time because of that?
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  7. Yeah I do remember that story. I'm not mad at the record company interference on that occasion.
  8. All Out of Love brings memories of Jo Whiley being incredible snotty when she was doing the chart countdown one week
  9. What did she say?
  10. From the conventions photo ops I've seen it's the best screen pic I've seen but it still looks like an awkward photo. If there is a safe way the photo op could be on stage while the group and separated equal distance too so at least they could do One for Sorrow/Tragedy pose and bring the Neon Steps logo out behind them

    Or we just parody the LSL glass photo

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  11. MB


    Or we could all be the Sara Cox of the situation
  12. The Collarbone pic a few pages back seems like the best idea.
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  13. Something along the lines of 'somebody bought this, so here it is'
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  14. Such snobbery. Amazing song!
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  15. Jo Whiley scared they'd stop her free Melody Maker subscription.
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  16. For the meet and greet, I'd probably say have the fans in front and have Steps stand on a box or something behind them? That would mean they're all in the same photo 'together'? Not much of a better solution but makes the best of a bad situation.
  17. Nice idea.

    But the whole Attitude behind the scenes smooching and socializing is a BIG slap in the face for those fans who have paid a LOT for such a brief moment to be a little bit close to them.
    I know that it can't be helped yet if that behaviour at the Attitude awards was acceptable then a proper meet and greet should be too.
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  18. They’re guests at an awards show where they’re performing and winning an award. AGAIN that doesn’t mean you get to be nose deep in “my man” just because you want covid to be over with. What you consider socialising is primarily their job.

    You’ll still be meeting them at the meet and greets so chill.
  19. Don't forget the insurance factor. If any of the guests at the Attitude awards got covid, they would isolate and that would be it.

    If Steps test positive on day one of the tour and their insurance doesn't consider meet and greets reasonable behaviour in a pandemic (which I'm sure it won't) who is going to refund all the tickets?
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