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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I k ow it's a complete change of subject, but Westlife's deluxe CD version includes audio from their BBC Radio 2 Gig, so in line with their audio, Steps must own their audio too. It may see theight of day officially one day.
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  2. MB


    Finally able to turn it up loud.
    Hashtag where’s the video?
  3. SBK


    Not necessarily. Westlife may have paid for the privilege of releasing the recording...

    And let's be honest, it's not like a it's a legendary gig that'll excite anyone if ever released commercially
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  4. Turn it up loud Ken Bruce.
  5. It's probably easily ripped anyway for those in the know, but their fans could say exactly the same about not being exciting - but their management think it's enough to encourage a few extra sales of the Deluxe CD.
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  6. I would expect the BluRay and Audio from the tour to be released at some point. Think the direct to CD method has kinda died off as don't see that many people doing that as would guess as its live there isn't really a quality control in the event of mis-haps

    I don't want to be buying anymore copies of the album but I do believe they will probably combine the 2 discs into 1 cover for a value combi pack
  7. I think that will happen too.
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  8. I'm hoping there is good merch for sale!
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  9. I'm really excited for the fans. The ones at Little Mix were really high quality, wood with the logo engraved into them.

    I'm hoping Steps follow suit
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  10. Just standard versions?
  11. Yeah don't believe it would be any new content but for more casual fans that it would be included within bargain bays once they are no longer in the main charts - Similar to the Platinum album set which includes Step One, Steptacular and Buzz
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  12. Don't forget how many versions of Party On The Dancefloor there were.

    I still dont have them all. Was actually planning to post on here so people could help me work out what I'm missing
  13. MB


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  14. Looks like the band (or at least some of them) are doing Celebrity Gogglebox for Stand Up to Cancer this week.
  15. MB


    This would be amazing if it's true. Even if it's just LSL on her own.
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  16. Sitting two metres away from Claire in silence, just for added impact.
  17. MB


  18. MB


    Confirmed the Steps face mask isn't the gift with the M&G packages. Not only do you have to take your lateral flow test with you the info says they'll be spot checks done as well.
  19. I was wondering how they validate LFTs - If you just rock up with one 'you did earlier' who's to say it really was yours and not one you "acquired" from a virus-free friend whilst you're trying to hide your cough and runny nose from security - But I guess spot checks will discourage that kind of cheating.
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  20. Awww. Look how happy Faye is.
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