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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Anyone got their super package ticket yet?
  2. MB


    I did think that. Typically I'm doing the first one so it'll be interesting being the guinea pig!
  3. Last time, I didn’t get mine until about two weeks before, if not later.
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  4. The check in times seems really early as well. May not be able to get into my hotel room until after the show. Yikes.
  5. They all look incredible here. And I mean INCREDIBLE!!
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  6. The look Lee is giving ME as well…
  7. ...or ME!
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  8. This is what I always hated about M&Gs, even before Covid - no I don't want to check in at 5:00 for an event that will end at 23:30.
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  9. MB


    I’m hoping the gift is a steps lunchbox filled with snacks as I’m going to be starving.
  10. Haha that’s what I was thinking. I am a planner I admit that and I’m currently planning meal times around the check in times info we now have haha.
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  11. I have twenty minutes to check in at my venue. Annoyingly, my hotel emailed me a few days after I’d booked all my train tickets saying they’d changed check in times to 3pm instead of 2pm, so now when I get to my hotel, I have less than an hour to get ready and get to the arena. Thankfully, it’s 5 minutes away but even so! No time to eat though, unless I want a crap burger for a tenner before the show.
  12. Taylor Swift is that you?
  13. A buffet with Pasta a la Clara
  14. SBK


    Yeah, they're so easy to fake. I mean its unlikely but, you know... Some people are fucking nuts and could possibly fake the test with water or something if they know they might test positive because they ~need~ to stand awkwardly in front of Steps for a photo.
    At least they're not standing gigs. Too old to have to get to an arena at midday to get a good spot.
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  15. So my sis just messaged saying she is all in to see these icons but we are both skint. Do people know the best places for me to keep an eye on in case they do a deal for the O2 dates?
  16. SBK


    You might get some desperate fans selling tickets on FB groups nearer the dates - seems to be a few...

    I think both London dates have sold pretty well, so I wouldn't expect there to be any groupons... Maybe wait for the summer stadia tour.
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  17. Is Cardiff the only standing gig then?
  18. Mine is at 3:30! London and Birmingham are 3pm

    Jeez that's annoying. They've very kindly written in the email that there will be time to go and grab some food at the arena (and we all know how very reasonably priced that will be!)

    I'd request an early check in and explain you've booked an event and chose this hotel on the basis of its earlier check in time
  19. Always keep an eye on Twickets. There's already some on for Nottingham for £20.

    We're you looking for VIP or just standard? They even have the packages and Steptacular view seats on Twickets now
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  20. How amazing were they on Drag Race!

    Such a great reaction, and I think we've got a new meme every time Lisa can't make it. "Oh she's stuck in Dubai, well alright Lisa have a nice life."
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