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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. This is the tour I'm going to attempt to still have some surprises for.
    So as we get towards opening night I'm gonna stay out of the spoilers thread but I still would want the know how the meet and greets go and people are happy with how they've arranged it. Does that fall under spoilers or will stuff like that be in here?
  2. Have these been sent to you directly? I’m going to Birmingham on the 5th for M&G and can’t find a check in time anywhere!
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  3. MB


    I don't think they've sent out the M&G times yet - just the soundcheck ones. I expect the M&G's will have to show up later than the SC ones.
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  4. Thank you! Thought I had missed something!

    I got a bit concerned as I’ve not had an email about the ‘white lateral flow cassette’ being the evidence, so I’ll just keep an eye on here!
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  5. MB


    Event Travel have said M&G emails will go out next week.
  6. I'm doing M&G and I got mine?

    Edit: Ohhh I see. Some people are doing just the M&G section towards the end?

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  7. Thank you! I was wondering where all the information was coming from, as I’m doing the Meet & Greet but not soundcheck.
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  8. MB


    Ergh we’re never getting a proper video.
  9. SBK


    Seems the promotion for this is a series of scheduled "yay it's on the radio" tweets
  10. It's like To The Beat Of My Heart all over again. Another stomper of a tune not getting the full justice it deserves!
  11. My favourite song from both Part 1 and Part 2 being done dirty. We had better get both on the tour or I say we riot in the aisles!
  12. I second this! To The Beat Of My Heart deserved so much more than it got. My only consolation is that we got the superlative Shortland Tropical Mix, turning it into a lost late 90s Dannii banger!

    Imagine if Something In Your Eyes was treated as dirty as Heart and The Slighest Touch! I’d have shredded my stan card!
  13. The Tour is now on sale on Groupon at 50% off.... It feels like once again, the proper, organised fans are getting shafted.
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  14. Hope it's not these!

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  15. What do you want them to do? Would you rather them play a half empty arena or have it full? Sometimes life just isn’t fair!
  16. How does it work? There's no option to choose seats so do you just get the worst ones?
  17. I don't know which I'd prefer to be honest... I wouldn't be happy to have paid for a ticket in full and have half the arena in front of me getting their tickets for half the price!
  18. The tickets that will be on GroupOn are more than likely upper tier or the back blocks, so unless you purposely bought a ticket for the very back row at the top, I wouldn't let it worry you
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  19. I just wish they hadn’t used Groupon because that will leave them open to “flop” headlines. Lots of acts utilise ‘flash sales’ on Ticketmaster or through venues direct. This way just makes it really obvious that they haven’t sold to the extent they wanted to.
  20. MB


    To be fair it’s still £25 a ticket which is what the cheap seats should have always been priced at.
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