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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I've purchased a couple of the Groupon tickets. They've emailed vouchers, but I'm not sure how to redeem for actual tickets?
  2. MB


    Does it tell you where you'll be sitting?
  3. With the Groupon ones, they message you upto 48 hours before the event to confirm your seats and actual tickets. I used their webchat to confirm when I booked opening night
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  4. No it's just a generic voucher with a Groupon code.

    Thanks! It's kind of silly how they don't state that anywhere? Surely causes a lot of confusion.
  5. Agreed. I think it will be all to do with how they will place people based on on ticket allowance. For the Sheffield date, there are some really great seats still available in the front half of the arena. I can't see them placing all Groupon people in in Upper Tiers and at the back as they will more than likely move people and curtain off blocks.
  6. MB


    If I get sat next to Karen who bought her ticket for 75p and only knows Tragedy and just gets wasted on wkds I’m not going to be happy!
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  8. Lee


    I have front section tickets for Friday in London and bought groupon tickets for Saturday. I regretted not seeing the last tour twice! Very curious to see what seats I’ll get?!

    Tickets get posted out a few days before the date and if purchased together you’ll be sat together.
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  9. Nice to see Part 2 back in the iTunes chart at #20.
  10. I now have nobody to go with. Anyone want to come to the Glasgow date?
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  11. MB


    Can’t believe we’re two weeks away from the tour!
  12. It's gone quicker than I expected. At the time of booking, I couldn't believe we had to wait 14 months!
  13. SBK


    Its come around so fast... seems like since everything opened back up time has flown.
  14. It feels like just yesterday we were fearing the prospect of a Diana musical using Steps songs. Now we’re another two albums down and approaching the tour. Wild.
  15. It's gonna absolutely Fly By II as well, isn't it?
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  16. MB


    I do not want to scare monger at all here but if the covid situation in the UK causes the tour not to happen I’ll be absolutely gutted. (I appreciate there are people dying and I’m being over dramatic here)
  17. Fuming if this is what the future holds etc.
  18. Kim, there's people that are dying.

    But yeah, I totally agree. I'm flying over for a 2-week vacation (my first time ever abroad, not counting a few hours in Canada driving between Michigan and New York), so if I can't see Steps, Six, Mamma Mia, etc. and/or go to the museums I'll be devastated.

    I honestly doubt it will happen though. Boris and his friends are following the "ignore it and it'll go away" approach. Appalling governance, but great for us!
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  19. "The Slightest Touch" remixes incoming...

    1. The Slightest Touch
    2. The Slightest Touch - Shortland Remix (Edit)
    3. The Slightest Touch - Shanghai Surprize Remix
    4. The Slightest Touch - 7th Heaven Extended Remix
    5. The Slightest Touch - Shortland Club Mix
    6. The Slightest Touch - Shanghai Surprize Club Mix

    No date visible, but I'd guess most likely Friday.
  20. SBK


    Well so long as Boris does his standard dithering for a couple of weeks... we should be fine...
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