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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. While I definitely think COVID has played a part in this tour not selling as well, I also think it’s a natural progression that their tours sell slightly less as time goes on. Especially as What The Future Holds hasn’t sold nearly as much as Tears On The Dance floor. They probably will need to look at slightly less dates next tour.
  2. Lee


    I booked quite soon after they were advertised, both London dates were available at the time!
  3. MB


    I mean it’s done the job. Nottingham, Aberdeen, Belfast, London, Cardiff and Bournemouth are all not available to book via Groupon so least it’s helped sell a few more tickets.
  4. Yea I really think it's only to do with Covid. A lot of people don't have the kind of disposable income they had pre-covid too. Groupon was just to shift what ever was left. I don't think they need to worry.
  5. Heard this on my way home today and remembered that's an absolute bop and instantly imagined a Steps version and I like the idea. I could see it in the same way that Girls Aloud did Jump. It's one of those songs that everybody loves but it's old enough to be covered.
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  6. When Party On The Dancefloor was originally announced it had 14 dates then grew to 22, What The Future Holds had 14 as well but they've only added 4 more and they can't even sell those
  7. I don't think this tour was ever going to be as massive as Party On The Dancefloor. They already did "the reunion" in 2012, then they had the mix of nostalgia & new material for 2017 and then rinsed that era for a summer tour. There's only so often the generic public will go and see the same band and if Steps can half-sell 16 shows during a pandemic then I think they've done alright. At this point I'm not bothered if I'm the only person there, the show will undoubtedly be brilliant and we're in touching distance of it actually happening.
  8. There are plenty of current charting acts who would absolutely adore to fill 18 arenas but wouldn't come anywhere close to being able to. Steps are so niche, and regardless of how successful we see them, because they don't chart (singles-wise) any more, they rely heavily on the nostalgia for general public ticket sales. There's no shame in not filling arenas this time, when you don't really know it's safe to stand next to those around you - especially when sales for other shows are on par.
  9. SBK


    Would be a bit late by the time that happens, surely.
  10. I also think the tour dates going on sale 14 months in advance is a factor. I bet a lot of the general public wouldn't have bothered last September getting tickets because it seemed so far away, with many just forgetting about it now.
  11. Ha, probably. I was just thinking aloud.

    I couldn't even tell you when the tour is, I assumed by all the chatter it was fairly soon.
  12. I don't know the figures but even artists like Little Mix aren't selling out their shows
  13. MB


    A few things I've seen from the JLS tour which started last night - the stage seems much further away from the front row - almost double what it previously was.
    Meet and greet examples -


    So it seems you're better off if you're a child.
  14. Remixes out tomorrow as expected.

  15. Yeah the adult ones do not look great. Might just be that picture though.
  16. If my meet and greet picture turns out to be a dimly lit mess where you can barely see anyone's face, I shan't be happy.
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  17. So pleased to have the extended mix on streaming its so amazing
  18. It looks like JLS have photobombed the second one.
  19. Anyone heard the new The Slightest Touch remixes? They will need to go some to beat the 7th Heaven Extended Mix for sheer pop euphoria!
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