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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. The two single covers of The Slightest Touch would look so lovely as a 2 CD set.
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  2. SBK


    Yeah, doesn't sound like they do to be honest. New ones are both a bit samey, using what sounds like a Footballers Wives theme tune sample.
  3. They've made it on Now 110

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  4. Was listening to the remixes, unimpressed by the Shortland, but the Shanghai Surprize wasn't bad... then I realized I was listening to the extended version and I hadn't even taken notice of the Shanghai Surprize one.
  5. The way I screamed at this
  6. I’m worried the way they talking about Covid plan B by the time it comes around for my 19 Nov Leeds gig it’ll be rescheduled.
  7. TMI


    What was the last Now! they appeared on?
  8. 108. Before that, 51!
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  9. Now 108 with To The Beat of My Heart.
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  10. This sounds amazing!
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  11. It’s interesting that they’ve used the two least Steps-sounding songs to get on NOW.
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  12. Plan B doesn't involve closing venues. It's compulsory masks and Covid passports in certain settings.
  13. The ticket sales strategy is clearing working as they’ve started to open some of the upper blocks for the second night in Glasgow.
  14. With thousands of people in an arena though if the mask rules become compulsory does that mean everyone will have to wear facemasks for the whole 2 hour concert in a hot arena?
  15. I don't think it would apply to arenas. It would be like it is in Wales now, masks required in shops and on public transport.
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  16. have you been in an arena at this time of year before? They’re fucking freezing.
  17. Everytime I go no matter what season they are so hot. Once saw Madonna in December
  18. Everytime I’ve ever been to Manchester Arena or the O2, it’s freezing. The Manchester is filthy and dusty.
  19. I saw my first post Covid concert 2 weeks ago and while you have to wear masks as you arrive, once seated you could take them off.
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  20. That good you could take them off when seated. Hope it’s the same when she’s steps. But with all this mask talk in the news this week sounds like they want people to wear masks as law where lots of people are together and an arena holds a lot of people together in an enclosed space. Hopefully the government don’t change the rules.
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