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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

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  2. Just before anyone asks, yes the mugs are there under accessories...
  3. I'm really trying to resist anything I didn't already get...
  4. I’ve felt fine since the show and do LFTs every few days but posting this here in case anyone feels the need to get tested.

    Hope everyone is ok.

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    Amazing! This is great!
  7. I went to the first London show on the Friday and then was bedbound from Sunday - Wednesday, I assume I picked something up at the show but who knows.
  8. Can anyone see the white jumper with the gold Steps logo? That’s the one piece I wanted to buy, but cannot find it?
  9. This was the show I attended and I’ve been fine and tested every few days too. The group I was with were also wearing masks for the whole show along with a handful of other people but the rest of the crowd were maskless.

  10. Twenty years of their most underrated single!
  11. I was at the O2 Friday show and I'm fine. Tested negative three times over the past week.
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  12. I just hope this doesn’t upset the band. The venues do their thing and we all took a calculated risk in going. There is no blame on them.
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  13. Went to 4 shows (Nottingham, Birmingham, Liverpool and London) (Postponed Cardiff) Tested negative throughout without any issues (I did test positive a few months prior this may have help?)
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    Yeah, it doesn't seem to be there!
  15. I did get covid and I'm convinced it was from seeing Steps. I've been vaccinated, we did lateral flows prior to the show.

    We followed the steps put in place. No blame other than the arena not checking covid passes even though all the emails I had said they would.
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  16. Michelle Heaton ha impact.
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    Seems unfair for them to single out STEPS - there are several bands on tour at the moment and they all will be spreading covid to some degree, to imply that Steps concert is any worse than JLS for example is just stupid.
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  18. To be clear I wasn't blaming anyone, just saying that I'm sure I picked something up at the concert. Someone else I know was ill after attending the Friday show as well.
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  19. Thing is, it's a fairly small number of people so far, so if a high percentage of them happened to be in the same place, at the same time and have now tested positive, it's right to be mentioned. If I was at that show, I think I'd want to know if there were multiple people testing positive who had also been there.

    If there were other common links, I'm sure they'd be mentioned too. It's just unfortunate that Steps are being named, as it's clearly nothing to do with them personally.

    It's being quite widely reported now though. Steps are named in the headlines of a few articles today, including on BBC News.
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  20. Unfortunately it does seem to be getting traction.

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