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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. It’s a cheap and easy clickbait headline. That’s why. I’m just waiting for the ‘tragedy!’ headlines to be honest.
  2. That headline's terrible and doesn't reflect the way she said it at all. Her actual words were "cases are no longer all linked to a single event, but to several different sources including a Steps concert at the Hydro." It's not quite as inflammatory as the headline would suggest.
  3. That's not traction, that's just how the so called "news" works these days. Here now, gone in a couple of hours to be replaced with the next cycle of scaremongering.
  4. I was at the Hydro, it makes you wonder why they sent an email days before the concert saying they would not be checking proof of Covid vaccination for this event. I'm triple jabbed, as is my partner who has underlying health conditions, and would rather they check at big concerts like this. I was at Erasure in the Armadillo (the much smaller neighbouring venue) last month and they did. Make it make sense.
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  5. The rules in scotland re Covid certification just don’t make sense. You need to prove your vaccine status at standing events with more than 500 people but not at Seated events unless it’s more than 10,000 people? Only 2 venues in Scotland hold 10,000 people or more - one of which is The Hydro. But since Steps had a couple of top tier blocks curtained off, they didn’t breach this limit.

    The seated capacity number should be lower than 10,000 but I guess they don’t want it to include theatres, comedy clubs etc.

    I think people were expecting to be checked (a woman in front of us in the queue was trying to download her vaccine passport) but nothing was asked for.
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  6. I did a LFT earlier today and it came back negative. I’ve kept reading about this new variant and COVID in general and it started to freak me out a little so I thought I’d do one to put me at ease a little.
    I am going to be a bit cautious the next few days just in case (I’ve felt pretty fine, just a bit of a hoarse throat, but I think 7 gigs and a weekend away to attend a wedding in 3 weeks might have attributed to that!)
    I’ve been using hand sanitizer at home in case as well, but I’ve been off work most of the week in holiday so I’ve been home most of the time.
    My final show was the first London show so a week ago. How has that time gone so quickly?!
  7. I don't think Steps will/should feel guilty or be upset with the headlines. They did all they could do to reduce the risks, and it's up to the venue to check and responsibility of individuals to not attend if they knowingly had COVID. It doesn't make any sense for venues to not check when thousands of people are attending a single event though.
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  8. But the people with the new variant cases all had the Monday night Steps concert in common…

    Of course it’s going to be singled out. And I’m glad it was, so I could be made aware and do another test.

    It certainly isn’t “stupid.”
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  9. I hope other current touring artists come out in support of them. All attendees take a calculated risks.
  10. For perspective, during my recent trip I saw them at the AO Arena in Manchester, and went to four West End shows in London: Six, Mamma Mia, & Juliet, and Tina. All five said vaccination or a negative test was required, but Tina was the only one that actually checked (and that was the day after omicron was discovered, which might have spurred them to check!). & Juliet asked if I was fully vaccinated and took my word for it; the others didn't even ask.

    Whereas here in the US, I've been to two shows in the past week, and both checked everyone's vaccination cards and required masks at all times when not drinking. (To be fair, the four shows in London required masks too, but probably half the audience ignored it.)
  11. Yeah, I've had a bad cold type thing since Sunday, having gone on Friday.

    Yeah I've done 3 tests since all negative.
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  12. To be fair a concert is a prime supa spreader event. Yet to single out Steps like this is a low blow and completely worng, and an insult to our intelligence.

    Yet the majority of the people attending a Steps gig would not be elderly and most likely not be extremely vulnerable. So the hospitalisations from these positive tests would be very unlikely.

    It's a shame that a great tour ended this way.

    Well, on a slightly lighter note: it still bugs me that they are branding those fans as Tragedy. As the song used/kown for the fans is off course It's The Way You Make Me Feel.
    I know that Tragedy is arguably their most famous song, but still.
  13. Disappointing lack of puns to those stories. No Last Thing Omricon My Mind or Outbreak In This City... Reporters are so unimaginative these days.
  14. My boyfriend went to a gig a couple of weeks back and it was a 1000 capacity venue. Not only did they encourage social distancing within the venue, they literally turned people away who didn't have proof of vaccination.
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  15. The only reason the Steps concert is being singled out is because the cases being reported are for the new Omicron strain. I’m sure at similar sized events over the last few months similar numbers or more will have contracted the delta variant but that’s old news and not headline worthy.
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  16. That's not the point though. People still got infected and would still spread it.
    It's unfortunate that Steps happened to be the "main" gig happening in Glasgow's main venue when the new variant arrived and spread, but the same stories would be said no matter who was playing. The point is that organisers need to be more focussed but also things like this are going to happen for a while.
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  18. Imagine if the M&Gs weren't distanced and Faye had the O. Suddenly being ten feet away was a good idea.
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  19. I hope this Tragedy doesn’t create a Chain Reaction
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  20. In that case, maybe it would be Better Best Forgotten.
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