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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Due to the various lockdowns and lack of interaction with others we are all prone to prolonged coughs and colds.
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  2. I was at the Monday gig in Glasgow and was my first gig since Covid became a thing. I did think it was really wrong to not have vaccine passports in check.

    I don’t think the news reports are attacking Steps but more shedding spotlight on the irresponsible response from the Hydro.
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  3. The more I think about it, the crazier I think that it is that they’re making a big deal out of this.

    Omricon was first identified in Scotland with 9 cases from a private event on Saturday 20th November. They have refused to identify the event itself to protect patient confidentiality.

    Today, Nicola Sturgeon said that the Steps concert resulted in 6 cases. The Hydro have stated that 9,187 tickets were sold for the first night, meaning it didn’t qualify for Vaccine Passport status. 6 cases were found from the gig, meaning that 0.07% of attendees were infected.

    Why did they announce that it was this gig that caused 6 cases if they didn’t announce the original event which had 9 cases? I’ve had umpteen messages today from friends and family asking if I’m ok because they knew I was at the show. They did not need to announce what show it was as surely this will cause undue concern from attendees, their relatives and be a possible breach of patient confidentiality?
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  4. Nicola posting an article with Faye, Lisa and Claire in the picture….get that (unwanted) promo!
  5. I don't think it was correct at all for them to have said that 6 cases were from the Steps tour (even if it gives positive promotion for the band)

    For starters, the concert-goers either were asymptomatic, or were displaying symptoms and still decided to go. It wasn't the Steps that gave those 6 Covid (which some articles are reporting)
    When you get a positive test, you have to say where you have been or who you have been in contact with. So obviously these 6 are going to mention the show, because they will have to inform the governing body of their most recent activity so they can track the spread of the variant.

    Also, Nicola Sturgeon isn't stupid. She knows that by mentioning a band like Steps, a very well-known band that have played the biggest venue in Scotland, will provide some headlines to the press, as well as deflect from other issues revolving around the variant spread (for example, the private event that they won't disclose that had more cases).

    The press can also use the story that Faye was isolating after testing positive the Friday before hand, so it can be spun that Covid was in the touring party (despite all of us knowing what measures were in place, and daily testing, as well as extra testing after Faye's positive result)

    Sorry for the rant, but it's just annoying that the press are spinning it to sound as if Steps were the cause of this strain!
  6. I know it may seem like our faves are being attacked but I really don't think that is what's going on here. If there was a breakout on a plane or a train it would be perfectly normal to identify the flight/journey number, date and time to alert other people to the fact they may be at risk. Having photos of the event as the cover image for the story is also a good way to get the right people to pay attention.

    I don't think people are hearing the news and thinking ''Steps gave everyone Covid!!!" rather they are thinking "oh here we go again, no more holidays, no more Christmas..."
  7. Watch this be something H says when they come back in a year or two with a new album.
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  9. Same with Glasgow - went to both shows and not once did covid checks take place and it felt like nobody but me and my boyf were wearing a mask.
  10. As much as it’s kind of hilarious they’ve got wrapped up in all this, what strikes me more is people thinking Covid vaccine pass checks would equate to some sort of lesser likelihood of catching Covid. You can have 4 vaccines and it’ll make no difference as we know, you can still spread the virus in exactly the same fashion, so if anything it should be a case of everyone showing negative tests, but we know even those are problematic in the sense that they were not designed for this purpose.

    I’m just so glad they got through most of the tour without any negative attention, because if anything can tarnish a reputation these days it’s Covid!

    Let’s hope there isn’t a variant set for release at the same time as the summer tour!
  11. Ok… the difference being nobody has actually said this? What we’re all commenting on is how ridiculous it is during a pandemic that is still rampaging through the UK to have a 10,000+ attendance concert going ahead without any checks whatsoever. It’s the peace of mind - of course we know you can still catch it and still be unwell - but it would be nice to know that everyone in that arena is double vaccinated at the very least. A person could have been sitting next to me in Glasgow that isn’t vaccinated at all and carrying a strong strain of covid and I’d be none the wiser. At least if covid vaccines are being checked before entering it would make people feel more comfortable.

    It’s really the least that could be happening. I really don’t think concerts should be happening at all without those checks but as usual the UK government has ballsed it up.
  12. SBK


    I never got asked for any covid status at Sheffield or London. It's not surprise concerts are where people are catching it. Most large events will be hotspots for the foreseeable.
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  13. Manchester was the same, didn't bother asking for the COVID passport.
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  14. Important to remember a vaccine doesn't necessarily stop people catching Covid, it reduces the chance of hospitalisation and death.
  15. I had my covid passport checked in Birmingham but they didn’t ask for any accompanying ID so I could’ve quite easily used a screenshot of someone else’s.

    It’s unfortunate that the Glasgow gig is being directly linked to the six cases, but I think these big gatherings are going to be hotspots for a while going forward unless Governments choose to cancel them, which I can’t see either as essentially all industry is on its knees at the moment.
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  17. Interestingly I had to show my vaccine passport at both O2 dates.
  18. Yeah, they wouldn't let people through security without showing it at the o2. Some were getting pissy because they hadn't set it up before they joined the queue.
  19. Yeah I did too. None of the other dates wanted it but I was asked in London.
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