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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Imagine they had released Baby Don’t Dance as planned. What an absolute stinker. Would it have been their first major flop?
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  2. Wasn't it that H actually wasn't sorry about it though? He let the rest of the band basically say it was all Claire and he got away with a lot more of the criticism?
  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    From what I can remember H pretty much said what everyone wanted to hear and so he was good while Claire was a lot more sincere but in doing so also opened herself to more of a discussion whether her decision and reasons were 'correct'. (Having a bit more life experience now myself I can actually kinda see how she felt walking away from it was brave because yes, sometimes choosing for yourself instead of what everyone is expecting from you is damn hard but also quite healthy)
  4. Very hard to say. If they released it in Feb 2002 and declared it as their last single, then no.
    Yet Q1 of 2002 was still pretty similar market wise to 2001. It was only half way through that year where there started to be a shift in the market. If they went as planned to release it with The Last Dance, then yes a major flop!

    I have been thinking about this a lot over the years as to how much shelf life they would have had beyond 2001. That type of pop was on the decline, yet Steps had/still has something special and a "cut above the rest". I would have liked to have thought they would be more comfortable in the music industry, the way it was heading.
    2002 they would have been fine. They would have struggled in 2003. Yet 2004 onwards they still could have worked but needed a bit of a shake up or an extended break/s to survive at that moment in time.
    They would have (like now) would have always had a strong cult following. I don't think that they would have ever been branded (as a group) as a flop, but commercial success' would have started to become more far and few between.
  5. It was awful, definitely dodged a bullet with that one.
  6. Definitely. The extra tracks for Gold were just not up to standard - so I hope we get great quality this time round (**edit** Not including Chain Reaction, before anyone shouts at me!)
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  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Well I'd be happy for something up there with Chain Reaction
    (loved the other 3 too though)
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  8. I remember H knocking back about 40 drinks and saying “I don’t remember that” every time one of the others shared a bad memory
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  9. Tickets are free if you show a lottery ticket, but looks like it's just going to be archive footage from the description and not any of the artists actually there.

    Edit to add that I just saw the seating plan and it has no stage so that answers that question!
  10. Steps are going to be there. The staging is going to be based around a traditional street party design with trestle tables cutting across the middle of the arena.
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  11. Oh my bad. The wording makes it seem like it’s archive performances.
  12. Who’s to say H wasn’t being sincere though? I agree that the editing made it look like H was just saying what the others wanted to hear but at least he acknowledged that he did a shit thing and didn’t communicate his frustrations effectively to the others. I also agree that, with life experience, it’s certainly easier to see it through H & Claire’s eyes (If I was miserable and didn’t get along with my band mates and got the opportunity to sing more/make more money/more time off then I’d quit too!)
  13. No.

    It's easy to throw shade at H and Claire but they really did exist during a different era, as did Steps. You had to work 18 hour days and get top-5 singles every third week just to keep your record deal back then.

    DJ, All Out of Love (and Lately/Electric) were far more commercially successful than any of Steps' post-reunion output, yet they were still "flops" for the era. It was just different times ago.
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  14. What is this blasphemy? Baby Don’t Dance is top tier Steps. I won’t hear a bad word against it.
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  16. I don’t get the H favouritism? Despite dating the manager he really still did not sing that much. It wasn’t until their 9th single that he actually got to sing a verse to himself. I know he got pushed to do a lot more of the sketches on tv appearances and was the more chatty of the bunch, but other than that and getting flights due to insomnia which would’ve affected the band anyway, I don’t really see how he got better treatment than the others.
  17. I think the band themselves got the favouritism just right. It's a conflict of interest.
  18. legit one of my favourites!
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  19. They weren’t always on though were though? H has mentioned dating other closeted popstars whilst he was in steps. Another grey area!
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  20. Baby Don’t Dance is the Marmite of Steps. I never loved it, but on the 2012 Christmas Tour it was great. I would love to know how it would have done.
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