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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I did pay on my card thankfully. Gonna start the chargeback process in the morning.
  2. I've had emails now advising cancelled, a refund has been processed and saying I'll be sent free tickets to the fit for a queen jubilee event.
  3. They were quite naughty with that, I think. They sent this first before anything else so it really made it look like they weren't offering refunds and that our compensation would be those tickets for another struggling event.

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  4. I didn't even clock that as I had only just checked my emails so I had 3 emails ready to read.
  5. “Cascarda”
  6. They're advertising "Blu Hydranger" in the village!
  7. As much as we all know this… with the dates being advertised on the Steps tour poster and branding which essentially suggests the dates are Steps + Support Acts, it really doesn’t do much good for their touring reputation. If refunds are given, great, but if people have to go through the process of chargebacks, I can see the average person thinking “their summer show was a scam, I’m not getting tickets for the arena tour!”
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  8. Oh I know, I've discussed with a couple of people that it definitely doesn't reflect well on them - but in relation to the thing I'd quoted, they weren't the ones having to worry about their stage setup or moving to smaller venues, that was on the promoter.
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  9. I do love You’ll Be Sorry. The dance could have been better though. I see Lee is not singing again. Poor guy
  10. SBK


    You'll Be Sorry is criminally underrated. It just came in the middle of such a great run of singles, Its The Way You Make Me Feel, Here and Now, Chain Reaction... it gets forgotten as the lesser A side.
  11. I am hoping with this, and the inevitable HD release of the video, they might have some Behind The Scenes shots of the video shoot.
    I was one of a large group of fans who were there at the filming and were meant to appear in the video, but apparently they couldn't get the green screen effects to work correctly for the scenes they shot of the fans surrounding them at the end of the catwalk.
    I clearly remember chatting to Claire about how much I loved her hair that day though lol
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  12. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    On some days I'd actually say it's the better A-side. Though Here And Now these days definitely feels more like a classic.
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  13. I have always said if Lee had a verse in You'll Be Sorry then that track would be right up there as a fav of mine. It's a blantent thing missing on that song.
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  14. However as they are linked I wonder if they will treat us to 2 vids this week.
    It just makes sense for this release!
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  15. SBK


    To me, they're both top tier Steps singles. But yeah, feels like Here and Now got the preferential treatment.
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  16. MB


    I was there as well! I still have the signed Buzz postcard we got as a thank you for 2 minutes work before being chucked out. I'll never forget watching the video for the first time on MTV Select and seeing I'd been cut.
  17. TMI


    They don’t promote the What the Future Holds Tour footage release a lot. Maybe not to interfere with the promotion of the anniversary summer tour? Or because the tour footage stuff is selling well on its own? I hope it’s the case.
  18. Here And Now was absolutely the focus for the label and gobbled up most of the music video budget.
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  19. They gave us Stomp dance only video, so who knows that they will surprise us with another version of You'll Be Sorry. Those fans on the set have been waiting for more than 20 years...
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