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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. SBK


    Over Scared of the Dark?

    I think they'll have everything on there. Well at least on a deluxe 2cd.

    Maybe not light up the world as that era did not.
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  2. If they do do a 3CD set - Light Up The World better feature
  3. Light Up The World (7th Heaven Radio Edit) if they must.
  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I'd quite like Light Up The World to be there. Both to reflect an era and to give the (decent) single a home on an album I'll actually play.
    But obviously if they have to cut anything it will probably be the first single to be cut
  5. SBK


    If only there was a way we could manually add to the album if its not on it!
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  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Not the same.
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  7. I've had my free tickets from the cancelled Manchester show. Not the refund yet.
  8. I think I’d even take Track 7 over Light Up The World.
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  9. I've had my tickets and my refund!
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  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I thought HD would not be kind on those green screen scenes but it actually looks rather decent
  11. I love how clearly you can see H & Lee’s heads half disappear on the second chorus ha!
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  12. In HD, it does look a bit... cheap? I hope Here & Now fares better!
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  13. The green screen stuff wasn't that good back in the day to be honest, and HD just shows it even more. I'm still glad we have it in HD though.
  14. I feel like a terrible fan, but some of these videos are really just not great to watch this many years later. I just got huge cringe from watching You'll Be Sorry. It's really naff and...of it's time. I will never go back and watch some of them. Rewatching them with an older eye also reveals some of the mistakes and other stuff you didn't notice at the time. Like Claire looking thoroughly bored and just getting some of the routine wrong.

    Some videos age better, like One For Sorrow, as it's a fairly timeless concept. Thankfully, the tracks are still great to listen to on their own. regardless.
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  15. I never loved the You'll Be Sorry, even as a teen I thought the CGI was a bit naff. You can bet it cost an absolute fortune to make though.

    It absolutely is "of its time" and will forever remain that way, unlike Stomp which didn't have (much) in the way of CGI so could be remastered without fundamentally changing it.
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  16. Why are you guys so cruel to You'll Be Sorry video when actually Heartbeat is exist? I can't wait to cringe to it when the HD comes
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  17. You’ll Be Sorry is actually in 2K along with Something In Your Eyes and Stomp and A Hundred Years are 4K so we now have 4 above 1080p
  18. I have a temporary Playlist until we get the official thing, whatever it ends up being. It's every single (including Light Up the World) plus an extra track per non Christmas eras, and one unused slot for a new track.

    The extra non-single tracks are Love U More, Never Say Never Again, Paradise Lost, Baby Don't Dance, Glitter and Gold, To the One and Wasted Tears.

    It flows VERY well if I say so myself.
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  19. TMI


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  20. Add in a 40th new song and voila. Currently been listening to this run-through while at work all week and the ups and downs keep me going most the day.

    1. What the Future Holds
    2. Tragedy
    3. Scared of the Dark
    4. Deeper Shade of Blue
    5. Stomp
    6. The Slightest Touch
    7. Love's Got a Hold On My Heart
    8. Something in Your Eyes
    9. Never Say Never Again
    10. 5, 6, 7, 8
    11. Heartbeat
    12. Light Up the World
    13. After the Love Has Gone
    14. A Hundred Years of Winter
    15. Heartbreak in This City
    16. Glitter and Gold
    17. To the One
    18. You'll Be Sorry
    19. Here and Now
    20. Chain Reaction
    21. Summer of Love
    22. Paradise Lost
    23. Words Are Not Enough
    24. Wasted Tears
    25. Neon Blue
    26. Baby Don't Dance
    27. To the Beat of My Heart
    28. Dancing With a Broken Heart
    29. Better the Devil You Know
    30. Last Thing On My Mind
    31. Take Me for a Ride
    32. Say You'll Be Mine
    33. I Know Him So Well
    34. Story of a Heart
    35. It's the Way You Make Me Feel
    36. Better Best Forgotten
    37. Love U More
    38. One for Sorrow
    39. When I Said Goodbye
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