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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. How did the fans get to 'be in the video' for You'll Be Sorry? Was it a competition or something?

    Whilst I think I can sort of see the angle, they were going to be going with it, I think I prefer it without the fans in the video. I imagine it was going to be case of Steps appearing on the turntable and it turned into a space club/bar/disco sort of setting, and perhaps less on the more generic space/intergalactic theme they went with?

    I'm happy though that we got to see the footage of it being filmed, and that fans who were invited down finally have some footage to remember and look back on!

    Oh, and if they want to do a 2022 video with all their fans, can you count me in?! What a day that'd be!
  2. Steps: shoots this video with fans

    Also Steps: “one day, believe me, you’ll be sorry..”
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  3. My idea for Steps 25 CD/Vinyl release:

    Standard CD / Double Vinyl
    1 Scared Of The Dark
    2 Hard 2 Forget
    3 Something In Your Eyes
    4 What The Future Holds
    5 Deeper Shade Of Blue*
    6 Tragedy*
    7 One For Sorrow*
    8 Stomp*
    9 Summer Of Love*
    10 You'll Be Sorry*
    11 It's The Way You Make Me Feel*
    12 5,6,7,8*
    13 The Slightest Touch
    14 To The Beat Of My Heart
    15 Neon Blue
    16 Dancing With A Broken Heart
    17 New Song
    18 New Song
    19 New Song
    20 Heartbreak In This City

    Deluxe Edition CD 2 (quadruple vinyl??!)
    1 Love's Got A Hold On My Heart
    2 Better Best Forgotten
    3 Last Thing On My Mind
    4 After The Love Has Gone
    5 Better The Devil You Know
    6 Heartbeat
    7 When I Said Goodbye
    8 Chain Reaction
    9 Here And Now
    10 Story Of A Heart
    11 A Hundred Years Of Winter
    12 Take Me For A Ride
    13 Words Are Not Enough
    14 Say You'll Be Mine
    15 I Know Him So Well
    16 Paradise Lost*
    17 Love U More*
    18 Too Busy Thinking About My Baby
    19 Light Up The World
    20 One For Sorrow (US Mix)

    *new 2022 versions
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  4. It was a competition I think yes, we had to be there very early and had hair and make-up done. Lots of waiting around and some people had travelled many miles to london to get there. To then do one take and be sent home was a little gutting.

    They did organise a small performance for the fans to say sorry, but unfortunately it was on my birthday and I already had plans booked so couldn’t go - so I don’t know anything about that
  5. It might’ve worked if they’d told the fans to wear red and black or something, but yeah, the dancing with no purpose is awkward.
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  6. I think the brief was really weird… no green red blue or black I think they said
  7. Oh, interesting.
  8. I imagine the green/blue would be due to green/blue screen to not cause an transparent body. Red not to clash with the bands colours
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  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    And black probably would make them disappear against the background which, looking at the average outfit, might be another reason it got cut
  10. Definitely hoping they do something special like updated/steve anderson versions. Think it will be gutting if we do get the standard songs we have purchased again and again over the years with a few additional songs. We have received digital editions with extra content in the past so maybe they are keeping that up their sleeves until release week to ensure that grab the #1 spot
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  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    They probably will but if they'll release exclusive (new) content it better not be digital only.
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  12. I don't want to be awful but surely there was never any intent to include you all in the final video? We get lost in a maze, find each other, it turns into a UFO, we dance in space and... 23 un-matching children doing whatever the hell they like with no direction appear? It doesn't seem plausible.
  13. TMI


    I still don’t understand the concept of the Ultimate Collection when Gold already existed.
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  14. Going to be controversial, so excuse me in advance, but this track listing is near pop perfection, however, I’d be more than happy if they left out ‘When I Said Goodbye’, ‘Words are not Enough’, ‘I Know Him So Well’ and ‘Too Busy…’.

    Everything else flows perfectly and it walk to wall with bangers! A great track listing an idea for a double album.
  15. It's a pop video.
  16. So you can get on board with a maze turning into a UFO and dancing in space but 23 children with no direction appearing doesn't seem plausible?
  17. When I Said Goodbye is amazing especially the Steve Anderson version and I will not hear a word against it. The other 3, yes please omit.
  18. Fair.

    Early 2000's, cut-throat managers doing it all to keep fans invested with no intention of ever including them in the video seems more plausible.
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  19. W2K


    As long as H featured heavily in it then I’m sure Tim was more than happy x
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  20. Money and 'Dancing Queen'.
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