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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. SBK



    Though, they're Latch songs not lee on his own.

    Only people who went to the couple of gigs they played it at have. At the time Lee said they only ever played it live, never recorded it.
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  2. Oh wow, I didn't even know it's exist. They should associate The Latch with Steps channel on it. At least as information for general public.
  3. Ahh ok I was basing it off the 2004 demo cd that just has him on it

  4. Faye on the 50th Anniversary Tour
  5. What is H doing with 2 Sugababes on his Instastory?
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  6. Are they playing at one of the same gigs?
  7. W2K


    They’re using the same rehearsal space for Mighty Hoopla.
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  8. TMI


    I’ve got the feeling we’ll get some news about the upcoming single very soon.

    Next week the Jubilee is being broadcast so maybe just before or just after?
  9. Not had my Beeu refund yet!
  10. Steve Anderson hasn't posted a #WorkSituation with Steps on Twitter for a while which makes me think that there'll be no 'new' versions on tour this time.
  11. TMI


    Maybe some minor arrangements I think. I wonder what the setlist will be.
  12. SBK


    I imagine most will be similar to the last tour with maybe one or two new arrangements. I'd be surprised if they didn't have anything new./rearranged.
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  13. MB


    "I'll see you in rehearsals shortly!" 2 weeks ago. I imagine it won't be a lot of work - a bit like the last Summer tour following on from the Party tour. This won't be a whole new show, won't really be a "show" more of a performance.
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  14. W2K


    Yeah, just a rejig of What The Future Holds Live minus some singles I’d imagine.
  15. I'm still holding out small hope that 'To The Beat Of My Heart' may get thrown in, like 'Glitter & Gold' did for 'Summer of Steps'
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  16. TMI


    I think this song is really hard to sing.
  17. The last summer tour was a 2 hour show, aren't they doing 1 hour sets this time round? I can't see them including anything but the biggest hits. Maybe a new medley?
  18. They're doing 75 minutes at Hoopla. Plus, this time there won't be the need for as many interludes between costume changes as I reckon we'll get maximum one costume change, maybe another for an encore.
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  19. SBK


    Maybe for some of them...

    I know right! Mollegend King did not get dropped for it to end up being a throw away single and ~interlude~
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  20. I have a sneaking feeling we won't see a performance of To The Beat Of My Heart.
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