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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Looks like the Flashmob mix of Deeper Shade Of Blue may be getting some kind of release - I’m assuming that’s what O2 mix is…?

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  2. Things are definitely starting to happen for this era. It's seems so close. I'm so excited.
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  3. 2 minutes 8? Ugh. Keep it.
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  4. Are they rumoured to be on Zoe Ball or Ken Bruce' show this week?

    On another note, is it possible to create an MP3 or audio file from the BbC Radio 2 concert?
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  5. SBK


    Don't think so
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  6. One page back.
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    Sorry. I’ve deleted my post.
  8. The O2 Remix (recently changed to the Flashmob Mix) was uploaded to the PPL rights database months ago, it's also available to use as a 1 minute clip in TikTok videos. I think the 2:08 version could refer to an edit used in one of the commercials, the album version could well be a longer mix.
  9. I don't know the Vincint song but the bit of the chorus I heard definitely had them singing the song title that was mentioned in here. The video looks cute too.
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  11. W2K


    My body is ready for a new Steps song.
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  12. Yes I'm sure this is it. I literally only heard 2 10 second clips, one was part of the chorus and one was (I'm almost certain) a Lisa solo.
  13. I'm not really that fussed on that particular song but I'm ready for Steps' version to sway me a little.
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  14. Claire is doing "All Day Platinum Popmaster" on Thursday - one of 8 "platinum-selling popstars" who will compete against a member of the public in a special Popmaster.
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    Aw man I'd love to have done this, I presume as it's a bank holiday it's a prerecord and I can't enter!?
  16. No it'll be live!
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  17. Anyone else refreshing STEPS’ Insta at the top of each hour in case they start a countdown? I’m guessing it’ll be any day now!
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    I’d like the greatest hits to start with Scared of the Dark followed by Deeper Shade of Blue like in the Party tour setlist. My two favorite signature songs from the two eras to start with a bang.

    Tradegy as a fake end song followed by What the Future Holds as an encore because who knows what the future still holds for them?

    In fact, I’d like the compilation to have a progression like for a tour.
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  19. I agree on the Scared Of The Dark opening, but I’d like Tragedy to be in the thick of the hits, rather than towards the back end, really!
  20. SBK


    Top 5 for tragedy at least, don't want the casuals getting bored wondering why it's not early in the tracklist.
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