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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Can’t every track on the CD be found online for free? (as well as 736 times on my cd shelf) Didn’t stop me buying another 12 formats
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  2. MB


    Fair point. Don't get me wrong I'd buy it but I can't actually remember the last time any music act released a dvd/blu ray of their music videos.
  3. I see no issues either, just wonder the how the process of sorting it was done.
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  4. I can’t think of any past The Saturdays in 2014
    And again, they’re always bundled as a 2 disc/3 disc version of the CD as opposed to a standalone

    So I agree it would be a hard sell - it’s not even like they can use the commentaries, behind the scenes or alternate footage as a reason to buy it cos they’ve uploaded all of that for free as well
  5. ...But what have we all been asking for?
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  6. Yes that was always my guess for the bonus content with the tour dvd.
  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    They wouldn't keep a full disc worth of content a 'secret bonus feature', would they?
  8. The only reason I could think of for a DVD version would be a commentary from the band.

    However, I feel if we were getting it, it would’ve been in the platinum package along with all other formats.
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  9. A music video for The Slightest Touch.
  10. They probably make more money from streaming ads than they would out of a DVD/BD, but I'd quite happy buy a BD myself!
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  11. MB


    And we’ll be asking for that until the end of time!
  12. SBK


    All the tracks rerecorded as solo tracks by H.

    (I'm not getting my hopes up for it being any of the popular suggestions)
  13. During their fb/insta live chats the topic of their Christmas your always gets mentioned which an SD copy would easily fit on a BluRay disk however If its been advertised with the DVD version too it would require pressing a separate disk unless it was offered as a digital download
  14. Regardless of how many of us have actually wanted footage of the Christmas tour, I would think the chances of that happening are very very slim.
  15. I think the Christmas tour has a fair chance of ending up on their YouTube if H really does have the footage he claims, it's not a DVD extra though, surely?

  16. Larger photo:
  17. Just seen that Faye is presenting on the Saturday at west end live next weekend. Furthermore there are my 2 wicked faves Rachel and Louise on the Sunday.

    of course this is the one year I can’t go…. (*tears*)
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  18. MB


    Steven’s and Redknapp? Count me in.
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  19. I would recommend getting there very very early the queues go for miles
  20. What shows are Steven’s and redknapp in?
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