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Even a theatre tour would've sufficed, at least there's a bit more security in their own dates.

I’m sure they’d still sell arena shows in the big cities (Manchester, London, Birmingham, Glasgow). I think the issue with these shows is that they’re in out of town pop-up festival venues with promoters who often don’t have a lot of experience or the connections to allow an event to go ahead in any circumstance (eg, Groupon offers, economies of scale, being able to double up on infrastructure).
Some of the shows must be selling really badly if they've not even bothered with groupon before scrapping them. Maybe cutting costs won't cover the costs of putting the show on.
I know that Manchester 'Beeufest' (which was always doomed to fail) tried a months offer of 20% off which didn't do the trick.
A theater tours earning split 6 ways (Steps + management) would make no sense if it meant two grand per member per show dd.
I know it's small fish... But two grand each per show to celebrate the 25th which they've promised to do would be better than so few shows surely? Especially when they'd guaranteed to sell!? How many have cancelled now?
All these numbers are pure speculation. We've no idea how much or little they'd make.

But Steps are an arena band, there is no reason for them to start booking o2 Acadamies. However ~special~ and ~intimate~ you think it is.
The Royal Albert Hall is the kinda intimate 25 years deserves, not a venue that doubles up as a nightclub on a weekend.
Yeh, there is no way in hell established artists who tour arenas and book TV gigs would leave the house for 2k, unless they fund themselves. Even Mel C who has been an indepedent artist since 2004 charges 10k per DJ set.
That’s true but for some of these summer festivals their fee could be as high as £100-150k with none of the overheads either. I can see why they went for it.

Can't see Steps doing it in 2023. This was the one with James Arthur as well wasn't it?
Let's wait and see how many more are cancelled...

As predicted. Steps not attending next year.

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More to the point, poor people that have potentially missed out on two meet and greets (yes I know Event Travel are shit but some people still had great experiences at their meet and greets, me included).

A bit of a shambles to be honest.