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Steps - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Did Claire ever get her British Gas issue sorted?
  2. I think it was Hyperactive if I remember correctly from Smash Hits interview.
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  3. SBK


    Finally mystery solved!!!!
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  4. When is water melon not classed as steak?
  5. I was going to ask if she’d tried it haha.
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  6. Would we be way off the mark to assume that Steps will appear as part of the 90s Baby 'tour' as well as the outdoor dates which have been swept under the 90s Baby banner? Maybe that's what they're clearing their diaries for?
  7. MB


    They won’t. The venues are smaller than arenas and unless the cheque is massive I can’t see them tagging along. Even the main Manchester show is billed as Aqua headlong with a live band. They’d be pretty pee’ed off if steps swoop in and replace them as headliners.
  8. Is this the very first tour ever to have no merch??

    The last summer tour had merch? I have a programme from Step One all the way up to What The Future Holds, I’ve never missed a single one
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  9. How did you find your new single Hard 2 Forget?
    (I’m trying to determine if management knew of the song before I slid into their DMs with it haha)
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  10. How do we know it doesn’t have merch yet? I wouldn’t’be expected them to have it ready for the Mighty Hoopla.
  11. Homosexual
  12. Ahh ok so the first proper date is July 2nd?
  13. SBK


    Omg we're getting One For Sorrow this week
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  14. MB


    Let's hope it's not the damn US video (imagine)
    It's not technically a "tour" they're just doing shows/festivals. The majority of the shows Steps are just the headliners - it's not their show. At Hoopla they were selling the awful disco ball tshirt (for £35!?!) and the Tragedy fan so I expect they'll just be trying to shift the last tour merch. Can't imagine they'll do a programme either.
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  15. SBK


    Yeah, I'll be surprised if there's a tour range for this tour.

    They'd better not!!!

    The clip in the megamix video looks crystal clear so it's definitely been done!
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  16. Hottie
  17. The signed programme being given out at the VIP packages this year is for the 2021 tour (someone confirmed with Event Travel) so I doubt we'll get a new programme. I wonder if nearer the time we might get some Platinum Collection merch?
  18. Will we ever get a Faye solo album?
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  19. I don’t know. That’s what I assumed, but others have said things which make sense too.
    This. Forget all other questions.
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