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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. There are scans of the book covers and tour programmes on gensteps:
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  2. Thanks for this. But it's only the front and back covers?

    I am shocked there isn't a Steps photo gallery site actually.
  3. There is...

    Generation STEPS Gallery
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  4. Yes it's only the covers. Historically there were copyright issues with uploading the whole book / programme as they were products for sale. Maybe that's less of a worry now. Gensteps does also have a big gallery. There were lots of Steps photo sites over the years but many disappeared or got lost to time when services such as Geocities went under.
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  5. MB


    They look so good.
  6. Lee Latchford Evans for James Bond please!
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  7. W2K


    Faye & Lee = Mom & Dad.
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  8. They look incredible. They should have posed with a cardboard cutout of LSL for extra camp.
  9. I liked that HD One For Sorrow.
    I was nice to finally get that extra bit at the end. With like 1 second of iconic hand choreo with HRHLSL!
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  10. Lisa Scott-Lee. Iconic hand-ography since 1997.

    Love the HD video. Wonder which one we will get next?
  11. Any idea on the tour Blu-ray yet?
    Surely soon.
  12. SBK


    It said July, so, next month?
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  13. Yeh I remember the initial estimate but since it's a few days till July was hoping we'd get some official word.
    Surely before the Greatest Hits era promo and new single.
  14. MB


    I’m sure I read on one of the fan Facebook groups that liveherenow said they’d have more news in the next week but it’ll be late July.
  15. TMI


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  16. SBK


    It doesn't really matter, most of the sales will have always been in the preorders, its not like a regular release where theres an official release week where they'll be battling for chart positions.

    At best there'll be a social media post from them "out now"
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  17. TMI


    I wonder if the number of pre orders is good.
  18. MB


    Sorry I didn’t realize I saw it on here!

    As for preorders well the “limited” editions which were 1500 and 2000 haven’t sold out.
  19. And still no news on this feature which will probably be a big nothing!
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  20. Noticed this on Spotify.
    Could they be adding more of these?
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