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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. TMI


    Oh yeah! Something a la Saturdays!

    (At first, when I saw your post, I thought they had uploaded the last tour audio…)
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  2. I was just thinking about this today. It was such a missed opportunity not to re-release each single with the HD music videos.
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  3. TMI


    It seems random to start with What The Future Holds though.

    Were the extended remixes already available on streaming platforms?
  4. The 7th Heaven extended version definitely wasn't on streaming until now-not sure of any others. Hopefully we'll get the 7th Heaven mixes of Hundred Years of Winter
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  5. SBK


    It's probably just BMG tidying things up, capitalising on the increased profile they'll have over the summer, I'd be surprised if it was a full-back catalogue campaign starting randomly 5 singles from the end.

    It's actually quite cheeky of them if they've done it off their own backs, as it pushes the megamix off the "latest release" slot on Spotify.
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  6. TMI


    The Claire's "ohhhhhhhahhhhhooooo" at the beginning of the 7th heaven full remix are making me think of the last tour intro.

    Edit : is it Claire by the way?
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  7. My ears hear Faye.
  8. Would be great to have the full set of "What The Future Holds" era remixes on streaming so this is a very welcome release.
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  9. I wished we got a What The Future Holds Pt 2 singles box set, purely for the album track remixes.
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  10. It does make me think were it not for Covid, and the delay in the announcements whether we would have had a Singles collection for What The Future Holds.
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  11. Hopefully this is making up for that?
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  12. I still find it strange that this came out there with no announcement. And like would there be anymore released?
  13. SBK


    I doubt it was meant to be as big a deal as we're trying to build it up to be, with our expectations of more expanded relases.

    But if you're reading Fascination, get the original singles on streaming!
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  14. I wouldn’t read too much into it, this has been on Apple Music for ages.

    The Platinum Megamix is still the latest release on there
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  15. W2K


    What The Future Holds really is a monster of a song isn’t it? Phew.
  16. Definitely up there. I'm all for the full album version though!
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  17. I remember being about 6, and my older brother’s then-girlfriend knew of my love for Steps, and gave me her Next Step Tour programme that she’d got at the gig.

    I became a fan of Steps at a really strange time in their trajectory - my elder sister had been a big fan through their early years, so I discovered them through her CD collection, but by that time they’d already split. That tour programme was my bible - I was too young to order stuff online, and it seemed practically impossible to readily get hold of anything Steps-related in the shops.

    I have no idea whatever happened to that programme, but I would absolutely love to flick through it again, and I will forever cherish my brother’s ex for that priceless gift <3
  18. Yeah, I'm surprised no fan has set up a Flickr page or something with scans of the merch.
  19. As mentioned a few pages back, I have every tour programme. If I was to do it, would that count as file sharing? Can an admin weigh in before I get in trouble again?
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