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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Although I believe The Slightest Touch Acoustic Version still isn't there.
  2. Steps have too!
  3. TMI


    Yes, that’s the one missing and I wish they put the alternative radio edit of Something In Your Eyes on streaming as well (which sounds more like an unplugged version and is far better than the official acoustic version as far as I’m concerned)
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  4. I haven't seen a single thing on twitter or here tonight about the Back 2 Festival gig...! Where are the updates
  5. Was thinking the same.
    Did all 5 make it onstage?
    Is the setlist the same?
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  6. Well, I caved and listened to The Runner (the previous versions not the Steps one). Wow. It’s a brilliant song. Such a better starting point than The Slightest Touch. (I hope there’s a proper camp Three Degrees-esque remix.)
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  7. Do any of the Steps guys live in London? Faye lives in the North, H lives in wales and Claire lives in Surrey. I just wasn’t sure whose house it was in Gogglebox.
  8. It wasn't any of theirs. Gogglebox use that one particular house for celebs who don't live in the area.
  9. W2K


    Looks like the sound was awful at last night’s show, or at least for part of it.

    I guess that’s part and parcel of doing festivals though!
  10. MB


    Yeah people are saying the first few songs had barely any music track and it was just vocals!
    I wonder if the set list was shorter/different to Hoopla.
  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

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  13. There’s absolutely no way that setlist is true.
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  14. W2K


    Someone was clearly drunk when they made their entry on
  15. MB


    They did What the Future Holds so the list is wrong (hopefully)

    They didn’t do love you more / say you’ll be mine. It was the UK version of one for sorrow, no strong enough but they did Stomp.

    More importantly/upsettingly they’ve cut out Slightest Touch.
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  16. W2K


    I really hope The Slightest Touch is re-added for later dates.
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  17. This is disgusting.
  18. I was not expecting homophobia from Steps, but this is the timeline we live in.
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