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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I just got back from the Milton Keynes show. There weren't many people there. Half of the bars and food stalls were closed and there were no queues for the loos. That isn't a bad thing, because I was able to walk straight to the third row from the stage, right in the middle, and get my absolute life to Steps. I have never seen them perform from so close up before and they just radiate energy.

    The set list was the same as the 1-hour set with the following additions:
    It's The Way You Make Me Feel
    Say You'll Be Mine
    Here And Now/You'll Be Sorry/After The Love Has Gone
    Heartbreak In This City

    There was no Strong Enough nor The Slightest Touch, apart from that it was the same as Mighty Hoopla, I think.

    Oddly. They used the same video interlude and intro for Here and Now and One For Sorrow.

    Apart from that... It was an amazing evening. There were some casual fans hanging around moaning that they were tired and wanted to go to bed and weren't willing to wait much longer for Tragedy... kind of a waste of money if that is all they went for.

    Lisa got the absolute loudest cheers from the crowd.

    Faye waved directly at me during Chain Reaction and I managed not to faint but I am probably going to cry about it now. I am only slightly joking.
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  2. Just as they enter the last chorus they start “the sandwich roll” move too early, it’s out of sync basically for half a second
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  3. I’m sure I must’ve seen you there! Had the best time!
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  4. I'm also annoyed with the scene when Faye closed her mouth when it should have still open, right before they arrived at the pool
  5. Faye was so lovely when she was worried about the crowd and telling them to drink water. Did anyone see what happened?
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  6. MB


    I was there last night as well. Great show but a very odd venue. There were so many fights going on in the crowd and people collapsing it was bizarre! I’d say the crowd was no more than 5000 and I’m not even sure they mentioned the platinum collection. Shame they didn’t perform hard 2 forget seen as they were doing a longer set. Regardless they were amazing as always.
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  7. Queen of the Huns thanked me for flying 7000 miles from Indonesia for Milton Keynes last night. DEAD! This is precisely I am a Lisa stan. Love all of them, but Lisa's special - always thanking and reposting stuff from the fans.

    I don't wanna sound biased but Steps were awesome last night. 25 years and their energy and level of performance were still UP THERE, the routine and the harmonies in particular.

    Wow quite a few of you in the crowd last night!

    I was at the very front (having stood in line since 2 pm). So the securities had to help a couple of people out and pull them from the crowed because they started to feel unwell and suffocated in the middle of seas of people. It was rather scary to witness. Thank goodness nothing bad happened.

    WhatsApp Image 2022-07-30 at 1.30.26 AM.jpeg
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  8. As lovely as it is that they're doing gigs and people are getting to see them live in 2022, it remains utterly stupid to have a single out right now and not actually bother performing it when the opportunity is right there. Particularly when it's not a 15 minute "hits only" set. When you're hitting 20 songs, you can include an actual new single.

    That, and actively removing The Slightest Touch, are poor decisions.
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  9. W2K


    Love this for you!
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  10. Yep way too many overlooks these past two years.

    Not showcasing enough (or any for that matter) album tracks from both parts.
    To The Beat Of My Heart
    The Slightest Touch
    (So far) no Hard 2 Forget performance.

    And a big mis step of releasing Winter as a single.
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  11. They did mention the Platinum Collection. I can’t remember if it was Lisa or H. I did see a bit of a fight on the way out. There was a weird moment when a woman came up to us but I didn’t know what she was on about.
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  12. It was Lisa. PR Steps worked it as usual.
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  13. Ah thank you! This trip was in the pipeline for 2 years. Couldn't attend the arena tour in 2021 due to Covid restrictions but cheesy as it might sound - I'm falling in love with them all over again. Maybe because it feels more intimate to me with the whole up close setting as I stood right at the front row.
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  14. There were some "special" characters in the audience, for sure. They were pushing to get further forward and squashing people in when there was no need. You could quite comfortably stand, with space to breathe and dance, and still be 4 rows away from the front. Why push, cause people discomfort and start fights just to be 30cm closer and having a worse time? It's an attitude I'll never understand.
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  15. MB


  16. Some behind the scenes Last Thing On My Mind footage has been uploaded and it’s great! Look out for some very revealing shots of Lee in his blue budgie smugglers!
  17. W2K


  18. Yep, that was a great BTS video.
    So young, fresh faced and fun. Love everything about it. Making me super jealous as I want to be on that beach right now.
    And I always say it but, Lee!
  19. More footage of shirtless Lee! Yes!

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