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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I'm not sure he's even needed to use AI on most of them, unless he's using something better than Topaz and being very gentle with it, because there's few signs of plastic faces apart from on Summer Of Love. Sometimes a very good SD source from the late 90s onwards doesn't really need anything doing to it.
  2. In Topaz there's a method called Proteus which only upscale and finetune without any smoothing. I guess they used that one to finetune the video to the quality we saw.
  3. The ‘25th’ version of Tragedy that was on SoundCloud has a solo chorus from Faye first, which I only noticed recently.
  4. You have literally no idea what he's doing or what he's using so I would advise you stop talking about what you don't know.
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  5. I find the whole remastering/upscaling conversation pretty fascinating. I don’t think this poster trying to explain how it works is causing any harm. I don’t know why it needs to stop being talked about. The conversation feels very constructive and interesting.
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  6. I'm not sure if it's your intention, but this comes across as very aggressive
  7. What's up with the aggressive tone? Do you have any knowledge in video processing? I've been in the field for over 12 years now so I do know what I am talking about. We are having a conversation about what we could expect from next uploads and if any of us finds any error now we should say it so anyone who's in charge could fix it. Remastering 20 musicvideos shot almost 20 years ago is a lot of work and mistakes are likely to happen. It would be amazing if we spot any error and they fix it. But if they couldn't it would be totally fine too. We are giving constructive comments not dissing anyone or demanding they do this and that here.
  8. The conversation of how one goes about upscaling videos is pretty fascinating to me. There's room for that conversation to be had here too I think, especially since there's a lull in activity at the moment until release week. It doesn't need to be all about posting screenshots of Lee in a speedo which is a bit creepy.
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  9. Let's not.
  10. Posting close up shots of Lee's crotch is a bit different from me saying Luke Evans looks good in a pair of them.
  11. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I think some of us could stand to be a lot less aggressive/horny in this thread, thank you!
  12. Learn the "moves", both of them.
  13. My Love U More video from the 1998 VHS has been taken down, so guess that'll be on the official channel shortly.
  14. I'm still trying to find out where that top Lee is wearing in that video is from?!

    Will be interesting if they release Love U More as a remaster video?
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  15. Bought Retropop magazine today. Nice full size pictures of each of the solo covers of the Platinum Collection alongside a pretty standard interview. Looks like they’ll be taking a break after release, but I think we guessed that.
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  16. They posted this recently so I guess more from the VHS is to come

  17. I find it fascinated that so many are interested in the upscaling of the videos to actually bicker and argue over.

    I don't see these as anything new, the best thing we've had from the process of the upscaling is the video megamix and the dance only version of Stomp
  18. W2K


    No prizes for guessing who chose what.
  19. TMI


    These little videos are so useless. I would like more of stuff like the stories behind their singles, interesting facts and not cringy short videos with no point.
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