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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. SBK


    Their cover of I know him so well is brilliant, I love it when the girls perform it live
    Is the restraining order on Tadj working?

    It really is. The girls could/should have released it in a George Michael/wham Cateless Whisper way and I wouldn't have been mad...

    Hopefully they find space for it on tour again in the future, it really allows the three girls to shine.
  2. I’ve only ever heard of Steps here and there but “5678” kinda slaps, what’s the reason no one really rates it?
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  3. It was very much a throw-away cheesy nonsense song and no-one expected anything of them past that. I noticed today I had 5678 on then Deeper Shade and it was really clear that no-one would have expected anything of that caliber at the time. I think we've all found a love for it since though, especially since the group did such a fun Countryfied version on the Tears on the Dancefloor tour
  4. TMI


    and a cute mash-up with Groove is in the Heart last year.
  5. It's very difficult for me to see it as anything more than a novelty single, designed to ride the bizarre line dancing wave that was happening at the time. The original single version is extremely naff.

    More recent tour mixes are actually much better and have made it much more palatable.

    But for me, Last Thing On My Mind was them truly getting started.
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  6. TMI


    Their is a single version? How is it different?
  7. Used to really dislike 5,6,7,8 and always found it weird that for a first song and what was meant to be a one-off single, that Lee was given the lead vocals and then to not feature on anything else apart from the odd line.

    However, now, I really like it! Love the original single/album version but my favourite has to be the Euro Step Mix

    This is the version on my Steps - Best playlist!
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  8. W2K


    5678 really peaked in 2017, I absolutely adore that performance and version. Full ham and it tasted delicious.
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  9. Probably quite a boring question but I would be interested in knowing does he create a full version of the songs that end up in medleys (Last Thing on My Mind, Love U More, You'll Be Sorry, Here and Now, etc) or just create the snippet that's included. I've noticed they have gradually expanded Last Thing on My Mind and Better Best Forgotten from one verse and a chorus to the full song on the most recent tours and I assume they didn't pay him 2/3 times to expand them. Or did they?

    This is my round about way of asking "does Love U More 2017 exist in full".
  10. TMI


    Speaking of Love You More, gutted it’s not on the 2-disc version whereas it’s on the digital edition.

    Same applies to No More Tears.

    Their choices of album songs for the deluxe edition is very good as far as I’m concerned.
  11. And would he consider writing more Steps songs? He did Stop Me From Loving You with H and Claire (during Steps)!
  12. TMI


    I didn’t know that.
  13. Sorry, confusing wording on my part. I just meant the original version, as opposed to the later tour mixes.
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  14. TMI


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  15. I forgot this was out next week and was getting miffed about my order not shipping. My brain is too melted to keep track of dates.
  16. What’s your podcast??
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  17. I’m surprised management haven’t removed “Gold” from various streaming platforms to make casual listeners more inclined to listen to the Platinum Collection upon release… and not lose any streams to previous greatest hits collections released? No?
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  18. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    They may wait until the new one’s up?
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  19. I don't think it'll make a difference? As long as their label specify to the OCC to make The Platinum Collection the priority hits album, then the streams will count for the new one regardless of what album they're coming from.
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  20. SBK


    Yeah, I don't think it's an issue these days, if it was they'd remove it, certainly.

    Though, at best their album sales from streams won't be keeping the competition up at night...
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