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Just heard The Runner and I am just so confused as to why it's not chosen as the lead single for this era. The build-up towards the end and the drama as the song progresses by each minute are just astounding! The beginning bits sound a bit dated but that's what makes Steps sound so unique.

It's funny that as soon as I hear it, I hear "ABBA". It's not the case when Bananarama's doing it or even Third Degree. Steps definitely put a stamp on it!

The Runner = Tragedy x The Slightest Touch.
I'm irrationally annoyed that so many of you have heard it. General consensus appears to be positive in here though. I didn't actually like the original of Slightest Touch, but loved their cover, which in turn made me love the original too.

But I absolutely LOVE the original of The Runner, so I just need it to keep as much of the bonkers disco flourishes of that, and not be a generic bore-a-thon like the Bananarama version.
I want to heart the Runner for the first time when my vinyle arrives which will be one week late at best. Will I be strong enough?
The slightest touch is one of the best things Steps have ever created. The Runner is one of the worst. I understand everyone has different opinions and I can see why people would like it but to compare it against the masterpiece of the slightest touch? Never in a million years!


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I definitely prefer this to The Slightest Touch, but then preferring the (original) song does half the job. I just prefer my Steps bittersweet. That being said they definitely threw everything at the production of this and not necessarily in the best way. But still love it.