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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. It is!
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  2. I can still remember the painstaking process of learning that routine with my school friends from the video tape.
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  3. I'm pretty certain it was different on the tour, as I remember spending hours learning it from the VHS only for it to be totally different lol.
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  4. I cannot tell you how much I hate that Love U More routine.

    The knee lifts at 59 seconds - what on earth. None of them look good doing that. It's a very cringe routine. Watch someone different every time and you'll get a whole new experience. They each have one of the moves that they just look absolutely demented doing.

    Song's still a banger though and I'll forever need Steve's new mix. Masterpiece.
  5. TMI


    Wish they had that kind of videos for all of the non-single songs that are in the Platinum Collection but I guess it’s only for Step One?

    Sorry if it has been discussed before, what is the story behind Just Like The First Time and why has it made the Platinum deluxe setlist?
  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Just Like The First Time was an international bonus track on Steptacular that has since only been available as a b-side and in remixed form on The Last Dance. (I hope it's the original this time)
    With random album cuts making disc 2 I feel like this one is actually more deserving of it than most.
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  7. TMI


    This one and Paradise Lost and Happy, which are the best album tracks from their respective albums for me.
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  8. Do we reckon the reboot of The Big Breakfast will allow performances for promo?
  9. Although TV slots aren't as available as what they used to be, I miss the days where we used to get a list of upcoming promo appearances from artists' teams and TV shows announced their guests with good notice, it's always last minute now.

    The Big Breakfast would be a perfect booking for Steps and surely the show itself. I don't think they had performances on the original run but an interview would be a lot of fun.

    I can't see huge amounts of promo for release week but there are some opportunities. I could see a couple of them on The One show, the inevitable megamix on This Morning and I'd be surprised if they didn't do BBC Breakfast while they're in Manchester. Other than that it would be local radio dial-ins surely?
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  10. I'm really looking forward to hearing The Runner, I love the Three Degrees original and the Buzz Junkies Remix of the Bananarama cover so I have high hopes. I'm glad I have one new song to hear for the first time on release day and all the comparisons to The Slightest Touch on here have me excited! If it's half as good as that it will be amazing.
  11. How have people already heard the runner?
  12. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    It leaked.

    With the 'Platinum Collection Version' tag I kinda hope The Runner is a case like I Think We're Alone Now on The Sound Of Girls Aloud with a better produced version coming later. Especially the instrumental after the choruses could do with... some actual instruments?
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  13. Seems like pretty much everyone in this thread bar a few. I haven’t heard it.
  14. How? Would like to hear it myself
  15. I have no idea, I would also very much like to hear it.
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  16. Feeling very stupid that I’d had The Runner since July 12th and forgot. Just listened again now and I still don’t like it.

    I much prefer Hard 2 Forget. I’m glad they went with that as the lead.
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  17. Me too.
  18. Okay so I just heard it and confirm it’s very peculiar.

    I definitely don’t hate it, but I’m not sure if I like it either.

    Erm… yeah.

  19. Can you describe it a bit more? Like how it starts, is there a middle 8 etc?
  20. After all these years. Is Lisa really singing with claire on the 3rd verse of Love U More? Never quite heard her in the mix.
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