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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Follows the structure of the original Three Degrees version very much so, production is very close to the original too, it’s a little faster tempo wise though.

    Vocals, for the most part are on point, if a little unpolished in places for my liking. I dislike the key of the verses. It doesn’t sound like an easy key for any of the girls to sing in.

    Lee gets almost an entire verse. There is a strange instrumental part which seems obtrusive and almost “plonked in.”

    You know what, it’s alright - it’s not horrible. My main issue is Steps cover versions normally bring something new to the table, like taking an old track and putting a modern twist on it, this really offers nothing drastically “new” and so feels a little stale and actually rather pointless.
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  2. Well I agree with what others have said after a listen it doesn’t feel finished / not polished. Steps cover versions are usually brill but like some others have said this doesn’t offer anything new to the table. The lack of Claire is disappointing and I feel this song suits Claire’s vocals so much and would take the song to new heights if more Claire. Don’t tell me they are fighting over lyrics again?!
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  3. I don't hear it in the mix either, but there were many times when Lisa did the same (during the Loves got a hold of my heart promo, Lisa "sung" the "and now it's too late" part with Claire very often but it was never heard on the single version.
  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Having added all singles with the Platinum artwork to my playlist now it does feel fresh and exciting to hear them again and it makes zero sense cause it’s not like I ever stopped listening to them. It’s like my head just processes them differently as being ‘part of a new album’??
  5. Lisa and Faye do the same thing over Claire’s lyrics in the one for the sorrow video and the USA one for sorrow video. Knowing what we now know about the in-fighting over lyrics it wouldn’t surprise me if it was Lisa and fayes attempts to self sabotage Claire’s attempt to shine? Especially in the early days when the public where still getting used to how each members vocals sounded and who was singing what. It was maybe the other girls attempts to mess with fans minds and get back at Claire with more vocals haha? Seems these video directors didn’t care what ended up in the videos as they left Lee’s lack of miming to lyrics from summer of love onwards in the music videos so maybe they just left Lisa and Faye miming to Claire’s lines in videos also?! Anyway that’s my crazy theory
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  6. To be fair, Claire's the only one you can really hear in the Tony Moran mix anyway! The blended vocal mix used in the UK version seems to have gone. It looks very strange when they all mime it on the Steptacular your when you cant hear anyone else.
  7. TMI


    I haven’t heard The Runner and don’t want to before its official release, but I’m not hyped by your comments at all.

    I am much looking forward to the Flashmob remix of Deeper Shade and having at last the Steve Anderson’s mixes on official platforms so that I could replace Stomp, Tragedy and One For Sorrow with them in my playlists.

    Anyway, it’s the Tour release that is getting me excited, the release of the Collection is secondary to me.
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  8. I've had numerous beers today and this greatest hits maybe hasn't excited me as the last few years but here we are TWENTY FIVE years later debating a random song on a greatest hits.

    So many pop bands disappeared, imploded or just fucked it up.

    Thank you Steps!
  9. That wouldn’t be self sabotage….


    I don’t believe that for a second. Lisa particularly in the Love U More ‘video’ is positioned at the front with Claire.
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  10. I bloody love a greatest hits compilation, generally, because I know every song on it!

    I'm really looking forward to getting my CD and tape at the end of the week, I'm not really a streamer, so I know I will play the shit out of this CD for weeks to come.
  11. Not sure if this has been mentioned already or not but the group will be on Fearne Cotton’s Sounds of the 90s for a Steps 25th anniversary special next Saturday on Radio 2/BBC Sounds
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  12. gas


    Chronologically...where would this have fit as a single, had it been released officially?
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  13. It was on Steps: The Video which came before Better Best Forgotten. The appearance of the Dreaded Faye in this indicates it’s filming date.
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  14. I wish it had been released instead of Better Best Forgotten. Although, I have grown to like that one a bit more recently.
  15. I have to admit, I've never been a huge fan of Love U More and never got why fans adore it so much. It's a nice album track.
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  16. Did they get it before the 2017 mix though?
  17. Not really, both Tragedy and Better The Devil You Know were released during the previous' album campaign. Tragedy was followed by Better Best Forgotten, while Better The Devil was followed by both Deeper Shade and When I Said Goodbye, so they could have released Love You More at any point during the Step One era. I do wonder whether it was part of the plan to release Love You More as the third single (prior to album release) until the finished edit of One For Sorrow was complete as Claire mentioned during the Steps TOTP special that it was one of the last songs to be recorded and never intended to have been a single.
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  18. Love U More has always been up there as their best album track and could-have-been single, for me. Only Paradise Lost came close out of the original run's albums.

    It's just a brilliant pop song, and Steps' version (helped massively by Claire's dominant vocals) is the best one.

    That 2017 mix though. Oh man. Amazing. I can't imagine how good the studio version of that sounds.
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  19. W2K


    Couldn’t agree more. They got Party on the Dancefloor so astonishingly right slotting Love U More and Paradise Lost in. The stuff dreams are made of.
  20. Love U More and Paradise Lost are definitely the album tracks from the first time round.
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