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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Not forgetting Buzzz and Happy Go Lucky!

    Also, how has The Runner already leaked? (Even though I have no idea where to find it) This new era of Steps seems to be full of leaks. Are there so many people involved?
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  2. SBK


    I don't think it ever was considered seriously. They had Better Best Forgotten ready to go in December for release in January, but it was delayed to give Tragedy time to play out. Maybe it could have been a 6th single if they hadn't have had Tragedy go so long? But I doubt they would have done the Step One video for it if they were going to release it as a proper single.
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  3. I remember being so annoyed by the delay for Better Best Forgotten. It seemed to just keep changing week by week.
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  4. TMI


    Tragedy was released before Better Best Forgotten but part of the sophomore album?
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  5. It was a double A side with a single from the debut album (Heartbeat) - it was then included in the 2nd album.
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  6. SBK


    Tragedy was added as an AA side to Heartbeat because they'd recorded it for a Bee Gees tribute album and because it was was too amazing at the time to be just a compilation release (god I with I could hear it for the first time again).

    But yes, it was added to their second album, as it missed the first - I guess these days they'd probably do a Deluxe reissue with Tragedy and Why added onto the original tracklist.
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  7. Some countries did re-release Step One to add Tragedy, didn't they? Just not the UK.
    It's similar to Better The Devil You Know finally finding a home on Buzz.
  8. Yes, they re-released it here in Asia that included Tragedy. I also waited for Steptacular re-release with Better The Devil in it, but never happened.
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  9. I've added Better The Devil You Know to my Steptacular playlist because it just fits better there.
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  10. TMI


    The tracklist order of the international version of Buzz is much better than the original, isn’t it?
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  11. SBK


    Yeah, but they never got the original release.
  12. I do tend to use that version and then add Mars and Venus and Human Touch at the end.
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  13. I think I have said this before. But the latest mini clip of the Next Step Tour remind me.
    Does anyone find it strange watching that Deeper Shade Of Blue performance (and as it wasn't yet a single) has a completely different dance routine. When I watch it back I'm still doing the "real routine"
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  14. Yeah, and also in the 'Steppin Out' Christmas special, there's a clip of Paul Domaine singing the chorus of Deeper Shade of blue, but doing the chorus routine for the Lay All Your Love On Me performance they'd have done for Abbamania, so there was potentially a 3rd routine.
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  15. They're on This Morning on Monday.
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  16. Incoming Tragedy, Deeper Shade of Blue and Stomp medley.
  17. This was a cute watch.
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  18. So after 25 years of answering the same questions they still don't really know each other at all
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  19. MB


    Not sure how KK found out about my Grindr hookup with H!
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