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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Aitch is 95% likely to get the #1 due to all his bundles and his streaming. Curious as to how Panic At The Disco and Demi Lovato will perform, but I’m sure Steps will be #2.
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  2. Sis, this has over half a million views on YouTube, to the UK general public their old stuff is still welcome and Gold.

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  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Well that's why asked and said I wasn't sure. Hard to judge from outside the UK.
    (Also: no need for that tone)
  4. It's just difficult to judge really. Album sales are really in the bin in the UK. Look at Beyonce only managing 30k first week. Beyonce!!! That's a figure that's absolutely normal and achievable by Steps.

    The fact that Steps could realistically have gone head to head with Beyonce's new studio album and actually won, is kind of mindblowing.

    Although, with it being their third greatest hits, with only 1 song that's unheard (outside of this forum), those numbers will probably drop significantly this time. 20k is probably more realistic - which is what the last greatest hits did I'm sure.
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  5. Steps are actively promoting this and they're relying a lot on nostalgia for the songs themselves. Madonna's project isn't being promoted and is all remixed versions which doesn't have wide appeal.
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  6. MB


    Don't panic, they're back in stock! Phew.
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  7. MB


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  8. I would suggest that the OC and Retropop are doing the same kind of online promo as they are doing for Steps at the moment.
  9. Oh I would agree with that, but I love that it shows off their 3 part girl harmonies
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  10. Which is great but Madonna's not got a slot on This Morning or doing signings which gets her project out into the general public's consciousness.
  11. I can’t see Madonna clearing 15k in the UK, even with 4 vinyl formats and the CD’s. The sold out boxsets from her UK store/the UK Warner store will only account for 1500 maximum, and that’s if they’ve all shipped within the UK. Demi has bundles galore but no vinyl, so I can’t see her outselling Steps’ physicals, but her streams will be higher. Panic At The Disco have vinyl, multiple variants, and their last album got to #2. They have a higher streaming presence. Aitch will outstream them all, plus he has in-store signings, vinyl and signed bundles on his store etc.

    I can see the chart going Aitch > Panic At The Disco > Steps > Demi > Madonna, maybe even with Renaissance and Harry’s House above Madonna, or Demi above Steps. Obviously I’d be happy if Steps & Madonna outsold them all but I don’t think it’s realistic.

    At the end of the day this release offers very little to casual fans, because of the large success of Gold and The Ultimate Collection. Casual fans who still use CDs will most likely own one of the previous releases, and if they are interested in the newer material, will have already been swayed by a This Morning appearance and a £4.99 Amazon release week offer of the 3 newer albums.

    Casual fans who stream instead could have streamed any of the songs they wanted to at any point over the last 10 years - this collection might inspire them to stream it once or twice this week, but there’s no rush for them to stream amazing new material. The main appeal of this set, as I see it, is for fans who collect (which is great, I’m definitely not complaining about getting their past singles on vinyl). I understand why they haven’t, but I feel like an arena tour would have seen the most benefit from this upcoming promo, rather than a third greatest hits in a dying albums market.
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  12. My platinum bundle of 6728 copies has shipped.
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  13. SBK


    I kinda expected them to announce a 2023 tour in the pre-order window to push sales, but I can see why they haven't, they've done so much in the past 2 years, its not 1999 anymore, popstars can't be on TV every 6 weeks anymore.

    This would probably feel bigger if they'd not bothered with What The Future Holds Pt.2. They could have done a proper greatest hits arena tour off the back of this and drive pre-orders with a ticket presale.
  14. I think this will be it for a few years at least now.
  15. I totally agree, if this is the final official release for them, then they really are laughing all the way to the bank off the back of one new track.

    If there is a plan for future releases, then the budgets should be plentiful after a successful 3rd Greatest Hits.

    Oh to be a fly on the wall in Steps towers.
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  16. Out of interest do we know how well the digital deluxe done previously and whether it was worth their time to do the extra remixes, While I am hoping for a surprise reveal on release week, apart from the radio edit of the megamix there isn't any further remixes that we know of besides the hopeful but unlikely Steve Anderson remixes?
  17. I think we'll get a digital release again but I wouldn't hold your breath for Steve Anderson mixes.
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  18. I didn't even realise someone had put up this little snippet of The Runner.

    It sounds ridiculous, camp, bonkers and like a total banger. I cannot wait for this.

  19. I think we'll get a digital release week release too, but my gut says it'll be the standard version with a few of the new HD videos (which are readily available online for most)....rather than being padded out with any 'extra' tracks.

    I hope to god I'm wrong.
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